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King Creosote – Miserable Strangers Lyrics 3 years ago
Great song about immigration.

Arcade Fire – Put Your Money On Me Lyrics 4 years ago
This is my favourite on the album. There is a theme here I can't put my finger on. Something to do with real love in mercenary age where everything has a price. I dunno! Like Mr Jones, something is happening here and I don't know what it is.

Shearwater – You As You Were Lyrics 4 years ago
Something about that lyric,

Or go back to the east,
(Where it's all so civilized)

Gets me every time. Love this band.

The Boo Radleys – Martin Doom It's Seven O'clock Lyrics 4 years ago
Reminds me of waking up when I was a teenager. Great song

Night Drive – Drones Lyrics 4 years ago
Sums up how I feel about drones. There is something about the terrible and inescapable fate of them.

King Creosote – John Taylor's Month Away Lyrics 4 years ago
Surely John Taylor is an oil rigger or at least one of the many blokes that work on the safety boats that patrol the Oil Rigs. A pretty rotten job - the whole month spent on rocky waters.

The Horrors – I Only Think Of You Lyrics 4 years ago
Anyone else think there is a 'hell' theme to this.
'Coming down', 'flames', 'to the end I will defend you'
Drug references for sure, but the instrumentation and feel of this song also makes me think of a man visiting hell for his love.

Trembling Blue Stars – Sometimes I Still Feel The Bruise Lyrics 5 years ago
When you were not the dreamer. When you were just the dream.

Fuck. What a lyric.

Metronomy – Corinne Lyrics 5 years ago
Was thinking the 'gun' interpretation was daft at first but on repeat listening, it is beginning to sound like,

'I'm not gonna FIRE you again'

Who knew!

British Sea Power – The Land Beyond Lyrics 5 years ago
I wish someone from British Sea Power would come on here and explain the meaning of this beautiful song.

Arcade Fire – Wake Up Lyrics 5 years ago
@[GhostlyNinetyFive:8192] Its not 'hell' its just into the ground. You will be dust

The Felice Brothers – Your Belly In My Arms Lyrics 6 years ago
The way I read it was that he is planning to bring the kid up with her in Birmingham. She is planning an abortion.

The Seahorses – Blinded By The Sun Lyrics 10 years ago
Seems to be about a massively one-sided relationship. The lyrics seem to reek of a terrible arrogance and I feel sorry for the subject of this song. I always heard John was still in a massive coke-head phase with this album, the same one responsible for 'The Second Coming'. Still, I am sure there is a deeper theme in here somewhere, cant just be, 'i'm a talented musician star, you are blinded by my brilliance, you love me but I am bored of you, fuck off'

Frontier Ruckus – The Blood Lyrics 12 years ago
This is a lovely song with amazing lyrics. As a guess it is some kind of plea for physical as well as spiritual redemption. That talk of heaven an forgiveness mean little when the world is in such a mess. I love the bluegrass feel of Frontier Ruckus.

I think

'And that you were her, and you were sure'

should be

'And that you were hurt, and you were sure'

Wild Light – New Year's Eve Lyrics 12 years ago
Apologies in advance for the first stanza, which I am sure is wrong.

The Boo Radleys – Martin, Doom! It's Seven O'Clock Lyrics 12 years ago
Yeah I hate getting up to go to work, why the hell should I. I am still offended by this concept at the age of 32.

British Sea Power – True Adventures Lyrics 13 years ago
I am sure a lot of these lyrics are wrong. I like this song very much. Seems to me, to be about dreams or those peaceful moments before you fall asleep, when you get lost in thought.

The Boo Radleys – Barney (...And Me) Lyrics 13 years ago
Isn't it funny how tons of people listen to Jimmy Eat World and Green Day all day long and probably never once played this cheerful little gem of a song. Not sure of the meaning, but I am sure its something to do with becoming to old and to cowardly to follow his dreams. Lyrics wise I think there are two mistakes here. Soaring schemes should be sewing schemes. And I think there is a 'Far behind me' in there.

Leonard Cohen – Famous Blue Raincoat Lyrics 13 years ago
I really don't think he has ever met the man he is singing about. When you dont know somebodys name you tend to name them yourself based on there appearance, Mr White Suit, Baseball Cap or Blue Raincoat. The brother/killer line tells me the all encompassing effect he has had on his life. Its a great line though, very, very sad song.

Belle & Sebastian – The Boy with the Arab Strap Lyrics 13 years ago
The lyrics to this song are ace. I have definetly met characters such as the guy he describes. Why does it fade out during the end? 'Constantly updating your hit parade of your ten biggest wanks' is a great line, it should have been sung loudly and proudly.

Gene – Sleep Well Tonight Lyrics 13 years ago
I love the sentiment of this song, the elements of class war, small town hellishness and his own niave form of revenge. Gene along with the Boo Radleys are in danger of becoming the forgotten bands of the 80's. Something must be done !!

Editors – Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors Lyrics 13 years ago
I remember walking past the Royal Infirmary in Bristol from a place I was working and seeing the smokers outside. They looked almost shameful at not being able to resist following their addiction whilst standing directly infront of its grim destination. Never thought of making it in to a song lyric though, duh should of.

Jack Penate – Torn on the Platform Lyrics 13 years ago
I think he is singing about Leeds not London, 'Platform 3 waterloo' meaning Platform 3 for Waterloo, anyhow, its about a 3 hours journey. Maybe I am wrong, but its the usual direction for Indie pop singers, you know Grim provincial town > Big Smoke.

Billy Bragg – St. Swithin's Day Lyrics 13 years ago
This song has the plainer themes of Englishness and bittersweet romance. Just wondering what the lyric "Casts a shadow over this land" is about though, it sounds a little bit political, and knowing Billy Bragg.. well it probably is. Perhaps I am wrong and the land he is refering to, is his memories. Could somebody explain, I work in IT and lack the finer sensibilities for understanding such things.

The Libertines – HorrorShow Lyrics 13 years ago
I am pretty sure the lyric is "Horses Drown", could somebody confirm. That makes more sense to me anyhow.

Editors – The Racing Rats Lyrics 14 years ago
'If a plane were to fall from the sky
How big a hole would it leave'

Not much, I think that is the point of the song. Seems to be a general theme with the Editors life is fragile and miniscule in the grand scheme of things.

Dire Straits – Brothers In Arms Lyrics 14 years ago
I heard Mark Knopflers parents originated from Germany and his uncle and father fought on different sides during the Second World war. Mind you I heard this from a drunk.

Ella Guru – Park Lane Speakers Lyrics 14 years ago
anyone know what this song is about. What are park lane speakers?

Very nice this, sounds like it would be an early song of a very famous band.

Pulp – Underwear Lyrics 14 years ago
I dont think the emphisis is so much on the girl as himself. He cannot understand why she would waste her time with some looser when he has so much desire for her. Lots of teenage longing in this song, I wonder if Jarvis is writing about the same girl as in Babies.

The Boo Radleys – Wake Up Boo Lyrics 14 years ago
This is my least favourite Boo Radleys song. I think they desperatly wanted a number 1 song and so attempted to suppress their cool subtle indie ways and focus on the task at hand and acheive their dream. In a way the song is pretty self referential, like a big slap on the face. Problem is, the song is naff and don't think they couldn't sustain writing naff songs in order to be famous. I love all their other songs though, and Giant steps is an amazing album.

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