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Paul Baribeau – Love To See You Lyrics 9 years ago
God, Paul sounds drunk or something on this. Obviously he's not but his voice is all weird and stuff. Maybe he just woke up or something. Love this song.

The Ergs – Radio K Lyrics 9 years ago
I guess I don't really know the St Paul skyway system, being that I never go to St Paul because why would I? I'll take your word for it.

Also, yeah, I kind of assumed it was a reference.

Against Me! – Does It Make a Difference? Lyrics 9 years ago
It seems odd that he's denouncing drinking considering how much he drinks and how much he has written about drinking. Granted this was a long time ago.

I Hate Myself – ...and Keep Reaching For Those Stars Lyrics 9 years ago
Last night I got drunk at a party and played this song on a ukulele. It was awesome.

The Magnetic Fields – All My Little Words Lyrics 9 years ago
Does "unboyfriendable" mean not capable of being a boyfriend or not capable of having a boyfriend? I think it could go both ways in this song.

Saturday Looks Good to Me – Ambulance Lyrics 10 years ago
There are more lyrics

I don't know if I can find a way to keep
All the secrets that you told me in your sleep
And I'm amazed that you still find the space to dream
In the shadows of a town made out of thieves

Who would drown the sound of history repeating
With the ambulances screaming up the street

So sing to me
Don't let me fall asleep to the sound of cold machines
Or the smell of gasoline
Or the weight of destiny

Don't make me wait
I've been waiting here all night
I've been waiting my whole life

Somewhere the ghosts of factory workers dance
With the ghosts of kids who never had a chance
And we still hear it out our window every night
Like a fistfight in an ambulance

Sing me a song, don't let me think too long
About what I'm trying to say
A broken fire escape
Or how long I had to wait

The Mountain Goats – Game Shows Touch Our Lives Lyrics 10 years ago
I wouldn't say she "ad-libbed" it. I mean, presumably they were just talking.

The Ergs – Radio K Lyrics 10 years ago
How would he possibly take the skyway home? Does he live in an office building?

The Smiths – Sweet and Tender Hooligan Lyrics 10 years ago
It sounds like he's saying "Eck cetera" which really pisses me off. Other than that this song is awesome.

The Bananas – Revenge Fantasy #427 Lyrics 10 years ago
This song was the soundtrack to my sophomore year. I fucking love this song.

The Mountain Goats – Against Cotton Lyrics 10 years ago
Against Cotton? Come on now...

The Mountain Goats – Family Happiness Lyrics 10 years ago
I just saw Into the Wild, and the dude was reading Family Happiness and I was like "Hey, that's a tMG song... hey, wait! I get it!"

Paul Baribeau – falling in love with your best friend Lyrics 10 years ago
What I love about this song is that now it *is* a song about Falling in Love With Your Best Friend

The Mountain Goats – Sign of the Crow (Part 2) Lyrics 10 years ago
The "???" sounds to me like "pierced heart".

The Mountain Goats – Sax Rohmer #1 Lyrics 10 years ago
Will there be a Sax Rohmer #2?

The Mountain Goats – Sinaloan Milk Snake Song Lyrics 10 years ago
Only JD could pull off la la la la la la la la.

Low – Sunflower Lyrics 10 years ago
My guitar has been in Open D for like 2 days cos I can't stop playing this song. It seems to me like there was a kidnapping ("ransom") perpetrated by two people ("your half of the ransom") and then, I guess, one of them died ("giant x'es on your eyes"). Don't know what all this about sunflowers is supposed to indicate.

The Replacements – Black Diamond Lyrics 10 years ago
First time I heard this song, I was like "Damn, that really sounds like Kiss." Turned out I was right.

Ampere – We Live Like Lost Children Lyrics 10 years ago
The lyrics to this song are fucking brilliant. The song itself is kinda eh, but the ideas expressed are, as I say, fucking brilliant.

Billy Bragg – The Saturday Girl Lyrics 10 years ago
This is truly the best song ever.

Lifetime – Young, Loud, And Scotty Lyrics 10 years ago
"do you think theres any connection with the song name (Young, Loud, And Scotty) and the Dead Boys album (Young, Loud, And Snotty)?"

Nope. It's definitely just a coincidence.

I Hate Myself – ...and Keep Reaching For Those Stars Lyrics 10 years ago
I've decided recently that the "fucked up all the time" lines are saying that the dude realizes that being in a motorcycle wouldn't make him any happier. It seems sound considering that he uses the same phrase to describe his current life and the one he dreams of.

I Hate Myself – This Isn't The Tenka-ichi-budokai Lyrics 10 years ago
Is that what he screams at that one part? I was wondering.

I Hate Myself – To A Husband At War Lyrics 10 years ago
I'm pissed that this isn't on the 10 Songs LP. Easily one of their best - if not their best - song.

Ace of Base – The Sign Lyrics 10 years ago
ctrl+f "the mountain goats" = not found

What gives? tMG does this way better than Ace of Base ever did.

Paul Baribeau – Never Get To Know Lyrics 11 years ago
"this guy is magnificintly bad. its awesome how bad he is. but i love it"

Wrong. Paul Baribeau is purely fucking amazing.

The Silver Jews – Random Rules Lyrics 11 years ago
The first line of this song made me a Silver Jews fan.

Bruce Springsteen – Used Cars Lyrics 11 years ago
Yes! I can't take this song seriously because of that. My dad theorizes that the car is triangular with the apex at the back, leaving room only for Ma.

ABBA – Waterloo Lyrics 11 years ago
Perfect pop song.

The Mountain Goats – Broom People Lyrics 11 years ago
This song totally fucking destroys me every time.

The Mountain Goats – The Black Ice Cream Song Lyrics 11 years ago
I don't know about anyone else, but black ice cream is just about the most disgusting thing I can think of. I like this song, but black ice cream just conjures up an image of like, crusty, rotten, generally putrid ice cream and I want to gag every time I hear it.

Against Me! – Untitled Lyrics 11 years ago
The version of this on Live at C.O.R.E. blows the studio one away. So fucking intense.

Against Me! – Untitled Two Lyrics 11 years ago
I agree wholeheartedly.

The Mountain Goats – No Children Lyrics 11 years ago
Personally, I can't but take this at face value. The first time I heard it, I thought it was kinda funny, I guess, but then the second time, I was just like, "Fuck, this is deep." You know? It just felt so bitter, so ridiculously... ugh, there's no word for it, but it just hit me like a brick wall. Brilliant song.

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