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Third Eye Blind – 1000 Julys Lyrics 9 years ago
I think he's saying "you'll save oceans, baby" referring to, well, I'm not entirely sure.

The Hollies – Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress Lyrics 13 years ago
payphone at a speakeasy? they knew he had "james bond disease", so they sent in an under-undercover agent, who (ironically) just happened to be thinking about something other than "45s" that night.

Switchfoot – Yesterdays Lyrics 13 years ago
This song affects me, and yes, I think they experienced this in order to write it. If I really get into the lyrics, believe it or not, I begin to cry. Music is so incredibly powerful.

Coldplay – Amsterdam Lyrics 13 years ago
what does anyone think about the radar ping at the very beginning? And could you give us a rundown on Anne Frank's story?

Kings of Convenience – Homesick Lyrics 13 years ago
I agree, ceelar. the vocals on this one are just fantabulous!

The Cars – Just What I Needed Lyrics 13 years ago
"It's not the ribbons in your hair", I love they way they sing that, and I sort of agree (or want to agree) with bakismaki about the "feed" part, although it's most likely nasty sexual innuendo.

Mike And The Mechanics – Everybody Gets A Second Chance Lyrics 13 years ago
I never liked this, apologizing for cheating on his girlfriend in advance? how thoughtful is that?

Blues Traveler – Carolina Blues Lyrics 13 years ago
This song has such a sweet roll to it, and I think the meaning is fairly self-evident.

Warren Zevon – Werewolves of London Lyrics 13 years ago
#1, This is one of my favorite songs, I have to admit, "Hey, I'd like to meet his tailor!"

#2 I always figured (no one has mentioned this yet) he was talking metaphorically about lawyers "ripping" people off, which makes more sense of the "tailor" line than the punk movement does, but I think I'd rather just take it as a great song, and call Zevon a sweet songwriter.

Jason Mraz – Geek In The Pink Lyrics 13 years ago
wrong lyric: "All y'all geek is the new color for fall"
it's supposed to be "Pink/Geek is the color for Power." at least that's what he said in the studio version.

Razorlight – Stumble And Fall Lyrics 13 years ago
I crank this song up to eleven!!!

I can't wait to hear their new stuff.

Eric Clapton – Alberta Lyrics 13 years ago
This has less to do with "", and more to do with feeling the pure and true blues that EC emits.

Neil Young – Homegrown Lyrics 13 years ago
My sister sells vegetables at this farmer's market in town, and I asked if I could busk on the corner while I helping her out, cause they're always trying to draw people in. Anyway, I thought about playing this song, (slightly modified) to see who would get it, but I haven't yet.

Enya – Amarantine Lyrics 13 years ago
Great song, she explains herself so we don't have to. Call me crazy, but I think someone with a sound like razorlight or green day should do a cover of this one, with distorted amps and everything. Does anyone else hear this?

Gaelic Storm – Johnny Tarr Lyrics 13 years ago
This is a fun song, with no apparent hidden meanings. Best line: "Get up off your asses and set up the glasses, I'm drinking this place dry!"

The Cranberries – The Sweetest Thing Lyrics 13 years ago
This is still one of my favorite 'berries' songs because it was rare to find a happy song of theirs back then, and plus, it's soooo upbeat!

The Cranberries – How Lyrics 13 years ago
I think she's cheered up a bunch since "everyone else", and "faithful departed". Her note on "Wake up and smell the coffee" (which is just great) reflects how she has come to understand life a little better since the early days. I really enjoyed the rhythym they had on this first album, and "no need to argue" as well; the 'berries were just fabulous, I hope they tour sometime soon!

No Doubt – Excuse Me Mr. Lyrics 13 years ago
Me three, but the above articles changed my mind.

This site is useful!

Yes – City of Love Lyrics 13 years ago
Sadly, this seems to be all about prostitution in the big city, with such lovely imagery as, "Good girls they work they city, Good guys they spike you hard", and "Good timing has it's good price, One trick and you're stuck with the dice". I'm not sure why they put this at the end of 90125, but perhaps it reflected Trevor Rabin's growing up in South Africa.
Anyway, the music in this one is enough to pull through all that hedonistic immorality, in my humble opinion.

Yes – Awaken Lyrics 13 years ago
I think my interpretation is that he's just wrote a 15 minute song about awakening from a host of different things, but most important, the organ soloing (i think Rick Wakeman) was totally sweetness!

Yes – And You And I Lyrics 13 years ago
I mostly agree with george2, but I must be the first to say that the glorious harmonic intro by steve howe ("o.k., pling!"), and then the subsequent mellifluous soundscapes, fantastic rhythyms, and the excellent composition rate among the very very best of the 20th century. I still can't get over how well this song, this album was put together. Yes, you are very worthy of the title of "Artist". And thanks to all y'all for giving me way more insight as to the meaning of this masterpiece.

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