Song Name   Comments
10 Seconds From The End1
A View from Inside0
As I Slither3
As My World Burns0
As The Glorious Weep0
Astral Empire0
Beckoning Of The Xul0
Beyond Salvation0
Blood On The Swans1
Bound in Chains0
Breeding The Everlasting0
Caged In0
Centuries (Beneath the Dark Waters)0
Chronicles of the Damned0
Courage Through Hope0
Crippled & Broken3
Damnation is Here0
Dead Zygote0
Elder God0
Embracing Europa0
Enhanced By The Lore0
Era Of The Merciless0
Exode Of Evils0
Face the Face of War0
Fathers From The Suns0
Feeling The Neverworld0
For All Our Sins0
Frozen in Time0
Frozen In Time (Chapter I - Will Of Suicide)0
Gateway To Extinction0
I Remember0
Il Diavolo In Me0
Imminent Downfall0
In Parallel Horizons0
In Shadows & Dust5
In Words of Desperation0
In Worlds Of Desperation2
It Turns To Rust3
Laments of Fear & Despair0
Laments Of Fear And Despair1
Let Them Burn1
Like Angels Weeping (The Dark)3
Maelstrom 20100
Manipulator Of Souls0
Mould In A Breed0
Mystical Plane Of Evil (Chapter II - Enigma Of The Unknown)2
Once upon Possession0
Open Scars0
Orb Of Uncreation1
Point Of Evanescence1
Portraits of Anger0
Serenity In Fire2
Shivers Of A New World0
Shrine of Life0
Shrine Of Life (Chapter III - Reborn Through Death)0
Taking the world by storm2
Temptation's Nest0
The Ambassador Of Pain5
The Awakener0
The Last Effort (Renaissance II) [Instrumental]0
The Night They Returned0
The Orb of Uncreation0
The Renaissance0
The Resurrected1
The Road To Devastation5
The Tragedy I Preach0
The Unholy Signature0
To Reign Again1
Under The Bleeding Sun0
What We Endure1
When Time Stands Still0
Where the Enemy Sleeps0
Where the Enemy Sleeps...0
Whirlwind of Withered Blossoms0
World of Treason II [Instrumental]0
Years of Enlightenment/Decades in Darkness1