Song Name   Comments
'Cause It's Love (Saint Parallelogram)0
(A Man's Gotta Know His Limitations) Briggs1
(I Want to Be An) Anglepoise Lamp [Live]0
Acid Bird2
Adventure Rocket Ship0
Agony of Pleasure0
All I Wanna Do Is Fall in Love0
Alright, Yeah0
Another Bubble1
Ant Corridor0
Antwoman [Dub]0
Arms of Love0
Autumn Is Your Last Chance0
Autumn Sea2
Bad Case of History0
Balloon Man5
Beautiful Girl0
Beautiful Queen0
Belltown Ramble0
Birds in Perspex0
Birds in Perspex [Andy Kershaw Session]0
Brenda's Iron Sledge3
Certainly Clickot1
Chinese Bones0
City of Shame0
Clean Steve0
Cold Turkey0
Cynthia Mask1
Dark Princess0
De Chirico Street0
De Chirico Street [Andy Kershaw Session]0
Death & Love0
Do the Chisel0
Driving Aloud (Radio Storm)0
Driving Aloud (Radio Storm) [Alternate Vocals]0
Egyptian Cream0
Elizabeth Jade0
Elizabeth Jade [Andy Kershaw Session]0
Falling Leaves0
Fatman's Son0
Fifty Two Stations0
Filthy Bird1
Flavour of Night0
Flesh Cartoons0
Flesh Number One (Beatle Dennis)1
Furry Green Atom Bowl1
Give It to the Soft Boys0
Glass Hotel1
Heliotrope [Mark Radcliffe Session]0
Human Music0
I Am Not Me0
I Feel Beautiful0
I Got a Message for You1
I Often Dream Of Trains1
I Saw Nick Drake0
I Saw Nick Drake [Andy Kershaw Session]0
I Something You0
I Used To Say I Love You0
I Watch the Cars0
I'm Only You1
If You Were a Priest0
Jewels for Sophia0
Jewels for Sophia [Andy Kershaw Session]0
Leppo and the Jooves0
Let's Go Thundering0
Linctus House0
Madonna of the Wasps6
Madonna of the Wasps [Andy Kershaw Session]0
Man with a Woman's Shadow [Version]0
Mellow Together0
Mexican God0
More Than This0
Museum of Sex0
My Favourite Buildings0
My Wife and My Dead Wife4
NASA Clapping0
Night Ride to Trinidad0
No, I Don't Remember Guildford2
One Long Pair of Eyes0
Queen Elvis4
Queen Elvis II0
Railway Shoes0
Raining Twilight Coast0
Raymond Chandler Evening1
Red Locust Frenzy0
Sally Was a Legend0
Sally Was a Legend [Andy Kershaw Session]0
Sandra's Having Her Brain Out0
Serpent at the Gates of Wisdom0
She Doesn't Exist1
She Reached for a Light0
Sinister But She Was Happy0
Skool Dinner Blues0
Skool Dinner Blues [Live]0
Sleeping With Your Devil Mask2
So You Think You're in Love0
Sometimes I Wish I Was a Pretty Girl5
Sounds Great When You're Dead1
Sweet Ghost of Light0
Ted, Woody and Junior1
The Abandoned Brain0
The Arms of Love0
The Authority Box0
The Bones in the Ground0
The Cheese Alarm0
The Cheese Alarm [Andy Kershaw Session]0
The Crawling0
The Devil's Coachman1
The Devil's Radio0
The Green Boy0
The Lizard0
The Man Who Invented Himself1
The Man With the Lightbulb Head2
The Moon Inside0
The Philosophers' Stone0
The Pigworker0
The Rat's Prayer0
The Return of the Sacred Crab0
The Speed of Things1
The Wreck of the Arthur Lee0
Then You're Dust0
This Could Be the Day0
This Is How It Feels0
Trams of Old London0
Traveller's Fare0
Trouble in Your Blood0
Ugly Nora [Live]0
Ultra Unbelievable Love2
Uncorrected Personality Traits0
Underground Sun0
Up to Our Nex0
Vegetable Friend0
Veins of The Queen1
Viva Sea-Tac!2
Viva! Sea-Tac0
Wading Through a Ventilator [Live]0
Wax Doll3
What You Is1
When I Was Dead0
Where Do You Go When You Die?0
Where Do You Go When You Die? [Andy Kershaw Session]0
Winter Love0
Ye Sleeping Knights of Jesus1
You and Oblivion0
You Remind Me of You0
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