Song Name   Comments
1308 Ohio0
18 Bullet Holes1
Accidents Happen0
Afraid of the Dark0
After 40 Days0
Against the Window Pane1
All the Places You Can Run0
Alone Everybody1
At Least I Got A Car0
Been A Long Time0
Big Brass Band0
Big Enough to Hold Me0
Big Word Tyranny0
Both of Us'll Feel the Blast0
Bough Will Break1
Bring the Sadness Back In1
Build the Tower Tall0
Come Fall On Us0
Come to Me0
Completely Known0
Confessions Of A Broken Down Man0
Cowards Never Win0
Cross The Mountain Stream1
Do The Dance0
Down at the Riverside0
Eden Again0
Everybody's Guilty0
Everyone's Beautiful2
Fade Away1
Family in the Woods0
Find Me In The Valley1
Get Me Clear0
Gloom Higherway0
Go Find John1
Gospel Train0
Have You Fallen on the Cornerstone?0
He Will Come0
Hey, Hey, Hey0
His Perfection0
Hunting The Tender Heart0
I Am0
I Could Run Away0
I Know The Plans0
I Rolled Into New Year’s Eve0
I Will Not Forget You1
I'm Afraid I'm Not Supposed to Be Like This0
I'm Afraid That I'm Not Supposed to Be Like This0
I'm Still Here0
If I Said I Don't Mind2
If I Wanted To1
If You Want to Get Free0
In the Middle of It0
It's Not Safe (everything's going to be alright)1
John Henry, Where'd You Go?1
Just Like You0
Learning To Remember0
Legend of Vertigo1
Let's Get Into a Fight0
Life Of The Party0
Lonely Sometimes0
Long on Diagnosis, Short on Cures1
Lying In History0
Make No Protest1
Man I'm Gonna Sing1
Motel Rooms0
My Father Laid His Hand on My Shoulder0
My God Has Come to Save Me0
My Little Hands0
My Second Try0
No One Told You1
Not Enough Time0
O Virginia0
Oh, Girl0
Okay, Okay, Yeah0
On A Night That Felt Outdated0
On Our Way to Crazy0
One Night Out in the Rain0
People Go By Like A Flame2
Please Don't Let Go1
Psalm 1310
Psalm 180
Put In Me0
Razor Light0
Right Before0
Rollin' Like A Semi0
Secret Lives0
Since I Am So Sick0
Sink Or Swim0
Something's Got To Go0
Still You Would Be Found True0
Stranger In This Land0
Such A Shallow Pool0
Sweet River Roll0
Take Jericho0
Take Me0
The Animal(not Big Enough)0
The Fall0
The Highest Branch0
The Quiet Wonder1
The Razor Light0
The Worst Is My Being Alone1
Those Who Trust0
Though I Feel Alone0
To Chase Away the Birds0
To the Doubter0
To the Singer on the Stage0
Tools in the Garage0
Up Before the Sun1
Walls And Tall Shadows0
We Already Got It0
We're All Dying, Tracy James0
What You Don't Know0
When the Cold Wind Blows0
Whenever God Shines His Light0
Whether Or Not0
Wicked Web0
You Are Lovely0
You Are So Good To Me0
You Can Sing4
You Can't Hide0
You Have Redeemed My Soul0
You Knew0
You Lay Me Down0
You Will Always Hurt2
You'll Be Fine1