Song Name   Comments
All Night, All Day [*][Instrumental]0
All Night, All Day [Instrumental]0
All Night, All Day [Instrumental][Version]0
All the Pretty Little Horses [*][Instrumental]0
All the Pretty Little Horses [Instrumental]0
All Through the Night [*][Instrumental]0
All Through the Night [Instrumental]0
Amazing Grace [Instrumental][Version]0
Baby Bumblebee [Instrumental][Version]0
Books of the New Testament [Instrumental][Version]0
Brahms Lullaby [Instrumental][Version]0
Come and Go With Me [Instrumental][Version]0
Deck The Hall [Instrumental][Version]0
Deep and Wide [Instrumental][Version]0
Down By The Station [Instrumental][Version]0
Doxology [Instrumental][Version]0
Evening Hymn [*][Instrumental]0
Evening Hymn [Instrumental]0
Every Time I Feel The Spirit [Instrumental][Version]0
Ezekiel Saw The Wheel [Instrumental][Version]0
Father, We Thank Thee [Instrumental][Version]0
Gesu Bambino [Instrumental][Version]0
Go Tell It On The Mountain [Instrumental][Version]0
Go To Sleep [*][Instrumental]0
Go to Sleep [Instrumental]0
God Said It [Instrumental][Version]0
Golden Slumbers Kiss Your Eyes [*][Instrumental]0
Golden Slumbers Kiss Your Eyes [Instrumental]0
Good Christian Men, Rejoice [Instrumental][Version]0
Happy Day Express [Instrumental][Version]0
He's Got the Whole World [Instrumental][Version]0
Hush-a-Bye [*][Instrumental]0
Hush-A-Bye [Instrumental]0
I Am A C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N [Instrumental][Version]0
I Am the Door [Instrumental][Version]0
I'm Happy All The Time [Instrumental][Version]0
I've Got Peace Like a River [Instrumental][Version]0
Jesus Loves Me [Instrumental][Version]0
Jesus Loves The Little Ones [Instrumental][Version]0
Jingle Bells [Instrumental][Version]0
Jingle Ducks [Instrumental][Version]0
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt [Instrumental][Version]0
Joy To The World [Instrumental][Version]0
Little Brother [*][Instrumental]0
Little Brother [Instrumental]0
Little David (Play On Your Harp) [Instrumental][Version]0
Lord, I Lift Your Name On High [Instrumental][Version]0
Lullaby [*][Instrumental]0
Lullaby [Instrumental]0
Mozart's Lullaby [*][Instrumental]0
Mozart's Lullaby [Instrumental]0
O Little Town of Bethlehem0
O Little Town of Bethlehem [Stereo]0
O Worship the King [Instrumental][Version]0
Oh Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone? [Instrumental][Version]0
Rise Up And Praise Him [Instrumental][Version]0
Rocka My Soul [Instrumental][Version]0
Sarasponda [Instrumental][Version]0
School Days [Instrumental][Version]0
Sleep, Baby Sleep [*][Instrumental]0
Sleep, Baby, Sleep [Instrumental]0
Slumber Song (Brahms Lullaby) [Instrumental]0
Slumber Song [*][Instrumental]0
Swedish Cradle Song [*][Instrumental]0
Swedish Cradle Song [Instrumental]0
Sweetly Sleep [*][Instrumental]0
Sweetly Sleep [Instrumental]0
The Alphabet Song [Instrumental][Version]0
The Birdies In The Treetops [Instrumental][Version]0
Thy Word Have I Hid In My Heart [Instrumental][Version]0
To God Be The Glory [Instrumental][Version]0
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star [*][Instrumental]0
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star [Instrumental]0
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star [Instrumental][Version]0
Victory Chant [Instrumental][Version]0
We Three Kings [Instrumental][Version]0
What A Mighty God We Serve [Instrumental][Version]0
What Child is This? [Instrumental][Version]0
When The Saints Go Marching In [Instrumental][Version]0
Wise Man And Foolish Man [Instrumental][Version]0
Yankee Doodle [Instrumental][Version]0
You Are Good [Instrumental][Version]0
Zacchaeus [Instrumental][Version]0