Song Name   Comments
After Awhile0
All the Lies Are True0
Are You Teasing Me0
As Long as There's a Sunday0
Baby You've Got What It Takes0
Born to Love You0
Cash on the Barrelhead0
Castle Isn't Mine0
Come and Get It Mama0
Dear Heart0
Did You Ever0
Don't Believe Me0
Edge of Your Memory0
Even the Loser Likes to Dream0
For the Good Times0
Heart of Clay0
Here's a Toast to Mama0
Hey Daddy0
Holding on to Nothin'0
Hungry Eyes0
I Can't Keep You in Love With Me0
I Couldn't Love You More0
I Don't Have Anyplace to Go0
I Don't Love You Anymore0
I Forgot to Cry0
I Just Don't Understand0
I Take the Chance0
I Want a Happy Life0
I'd Be Glad to Help You Out0
I'll Remember Always0
I'm No Longer in Your Heart0
If I Were a Carpenter0
If We Don't Make It0
If You Love Me Stay Away0
Is Home Sweet Home0
Is the Joy Worth the Pain0
Just Between the Two of Us0
Just for You0
Kind of Man I Am0
Last Foxhole0
Less and Less0
Let Me Put It Another Way0
Let's Put Our World Back Together0
Life Begins At Love0
Life to Go0
Little Reasons0
Little Reasons/Will You Visit Me on Sundays/What Are Those Things With0
Lonesome Is Me0
Looking for a Thing Called Happiness0
Love Takes Care of Me0
Love's Gotta Have a Little Breathing Room0
Loving You Is a Way of Life With Me0
Making Plans0
Million Years or So0
Month of Sundays0
New Dreams and Sunshine0
No Other Way to Turn0
Off and On0
On the Other Hand0
Once a Day0
One by One0
Perfect Stranger0
Plenty of Everything But You0
Proof Is in the Kissing0
Queen Unfaithful0
Ruby's Song0
Say It's Not You0
Scared of the Blues0
See the Big Man Cry0
She Called Me Baby0
She Even Woke Me Up to Say Goodbye0
She Forgot to Take Me0
Someone's Heartache0
Something Foolish to You0
Something's Wrong0
Still Loving You0
Stolen Love0
Sunday Morning0
Tear Your Merry-Go-Round0
The Little Grave In Georgia0
Think I'll Go Somewhere and Cry Myself To Sleep0
Tiny Wings0
To Tell the Truth (I Told a Lie)0
Too Little and Too Late0
Turn Around0
Two Minus One0
Until My Dreams Come True0
We Must Have Been Out of Our Minds0
We Sure Can Love Each Other0
We're Still Together0
What Are Those Things (With Big Black Wings)0
What Then0
Whatever Happened to Happiness0
When I Stop Dreaming0
Who Loves Who0
Will You Visit Me on Sundays0
Will You Visit Me on Sundays?0
Won't You Come Home and Talk to a Stranger0
Workin' Man Blues0
Yesterday's Letters0
You Finally Said Something Good0
You're the Sad in My Song0