Frog Eyes

Frog Eyes is an indie rock band from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada known for their highly idiosyncratic songs, which pit Carey Mercer's melodic falsetto whoops against an avalanche of guitar, keyboards, piano, and ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
...Eagle Energy2
A Duration of Starts and Lines That Form Code0
A Flower In A Glove2
A Latex Ice Age1
A Library Used To Be (Black Hole And Its Concentrated Edges)0
Bells in the Crooked Port0
Caravan Breakers2
Claxxon's Lament0
Don't Give Up Your Dreams0
Evil Energy, The Ill Twin Of...0
I Like Dot Dot Dot4
Idle Songs1
Important Signals Will Break The Darkness (This I Hope)0
Krull Fire Wedding0
Lear in Love1
Masticated Outboard Motors3
Miasma Gardens0
My Boats They Go0
Needle in the Sun0
New Soft Motherhood Alliance2
New Tappy Is Heard And Beheld0
Nonnie's Got a Taste for the Bright Red Air Jordans0
Odetta's War2
One in Six Children Will Flee in Boats4
Orbis Magnus0
Our Lordship Has Devised a New Billing System0
Paul's Tomb1
Picture Framing the Gigantic Men Who Fought on Steam Boats1
Rebel Horns1
Reform The Countryside3
Russian Berries But You're Quiet Tonight5
Seven Daughters0
Ship Destroyer0
Soldiers Crash Gathering in Sparrow Hills2
Sound travels from the snow to the dark5
Styled By Dr. Roberts0
The Akhian Press4
The Country Child0
The Fence Feels Its Post10
The Fox speaks to his wife who is not quite sure0
The Heart That Felt Its Light2
The Horse Used to Wear a Crown0
The Mayor Laments the Failures of His Many Townsfolk 0
The Oscillator's Hum4
The Policy Merchant, the Silver Bay0
The Road Is Long0
The Sensitive Girls0
Time Destroys its Plan at the Reactionary Table5
Time Reveals its Plan at Poisoned Falls3
Violent Psalms0
World's Greatest Concertos0
Your Holiday Treat0
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