Song Name   Comments
A Lenda da Luz da Lua; Moonlight Legend (Portuguese)0
Ai Dake ga Dekiru Koto; What Only Love Can Do0
Ai Kotoba wa Moon Prism Power Make Up!; The Fitting Word is Moon Prism Power Make Up!0
Ai no Echuudo; Study of Love0
Ai no ENAJII wo Ubae; Steal Love Energy0
Ai no Megami no "How to Love"; Love Goddess's "How to Love"0
Ai no Senshi; Soldier of Love0
Ai o Shinjiteru; I Believe in Love0
Ai wa ENAJII; Love is Energy0
Akahana no tonakai; Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer0
Anata no Sei Janai; It's Not Your Fault0
Arano no hate ni; The End of the Wilderness0
Ashita mo mata Jitensha; Bicycle Once More Tomorrow0
Ave Maria0
BaiBaitte Itta; I Have to Say Byebye0
Call My Name (and I'll Be There) (raye's Song)0
Carry On0
Chikara o Awasete; Combining Strengths0
Christmas no uta; The Christmas Song0
Colors Of Love0
Daddy's Girl0
Fire Soul Love0
Fly Me to the Moon0
Golden Queen Galaxia0
Here In My Heart0
Hoshi ni negai o; When You Wish Upon a Star0
Hottokenai Yo; Can't Leave You Alone0
I Wanna Be A Star0
I Want Someone To Love0
It's A New Day0
Jingle Bells0
Koibito ga Santa Claus; Santa Claus's Sweetheart0
Koibito ni wa Hanarenai Kedo; But You're Not Separated From Your Lover0
Last Christmas0
Let's Fight0
Look At The Stars0
Maboroshi no Ginzuishou-Silver Crystal; Silver Crystal's Illusion-Silver Crystal0
Mayo Naka Hitori; Alone at Midnight0
Morning Moon de Aimashou; Let's Meet the Morning Moon0
My Only Love1
Nothing At All1
Oh Starry Night0
Only A Memory Away0
Only A Memory Away (tv Size Version)0
Overture -- Moon Heart Sequence0
Rainy Day Man0
Rini's Lovely Rhapsody0
Sailor Moon Live Action Trailer Theme Song0
Sailor Moon Theme1
Sailor Moon Theme (reprise) (ending Song)0
Seija ga machi no yatte kuru; When the Saints Go Marching In0
Senshi no Omoi; A Soldier's Memory0
Setsunakute Ii; I'll Stand Alone0
She's Got The Power0
Sunshine Moonlight0
Tear Our Hearts In Two0
The Power Of Love2
Tsukini Kawatte Oshioki Yo; In the Name of the Moon, We'll Punish You!0
Tuxedo Night0
Unmei wa Utsukushiku; Fate is so Beautiful0
Wasureru tame ni Koi wo Shinaide; Forgetting Good and Not Doing Love0
Watashi no Hito Gangahen0
Who Do You Think You Are?0
You Are Just My Love0
Zigzag Slash0