The Meteors

Combining a revved-up variant on the classic rockabilly sound with a tongue-in-cheek obsession with horror movies and cartoonish violence, the Meteors were the U.K.'s leading psychobilly outfit, and often proudly declared ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
5 for Her, 3 for Him0
A Very Handy Man (Indeed)0
Another Day on Fire0
Attack of the Zorch Men0
Be Bop a Lula0
Be My Slave0
Black Black Nite0
Blue Sunshine0
Breaking the Law0
Corpse Grinder3
Death Dance0
Down and Dirty0
Endless Sleep0
Fuck Like a Beast (Fight Like an Animal)0
Fuck Off and Die0
Get Off of My Cloud0
Go Buddy Go0
Hell Ain't Hot Enough0
I Ain't Ready0
I Could Kill You for What You We Done to Me0
I Hate People0
In the Cards0
Into the Darkness0
Johnny Remember Me0
Jupiter Stroll (Stomp Don't Stroll)0
Just the Three of Us0
Kattle Slut0
King Vlad0
Little Red Riding Hood4
Lonesome Train1
Love You to Death0
Michael Myers0
Mutant Rock0
My Daddy Is a Vampire0
My Slaughtering Ways0
Never Stop the Hate Train0
No Reason0
Papa Jupe0
Paradise Lost0
Peace of Mind0
Please Don't Touch0
Powder Pain and Misery0
Psycho for Your Love0
Queen of the Slug People0
Queen of the Wild Wild Wind0
Radioactive Kid0
Rhythm of the Bell0
Rockabilly Psychosis0
Scream You Fucker Scream0
Shadow Time0
Shout So Loud0
Slow Down You Grave Robbing Bastard0
Somebody Put Something in My Drink0
Surf City0
Surfin' Home on a Dead Girl0
Surfin' on the Planet Zorch0
The Crazed0
The Cutter Cuts While the Window Weeps0
The Hills Have Eyes0
The Last Bus to Sanity0
The Napoleon Solo0
The Phantom Rider0
The Room0
These Boots Are Made for Walking0
These Evil Things0
This Town0
To the Devil a Daughter0
U Ain't Right0
Walter Mitty Blues0
We Wanna Wreck Here0
When Darkness Falls0
Wild Thing0
Wreckin' Crew0
You Can't Keep a Good Man Down0
You Scare Me (Not)0
You Want It I Got It0