The Bottle Rockets

Festus, Missouri's Bottle Rockets ranked as one of the leading lights of the 1990s roots rock revival, thanks to a sound that bypassed the punk heritage proudly upheld by most of the band's contemporaries in favor of a ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
1000 Dollar Car0
24 Hours a Day0
Align Yourself0
Alone in Bad Company0
Another Brand New Year0
Baby's Not My Baby Tonight0
Baggage Claim0
Be Real0
Better Than Broken0
Blue Sky0
Brand New Year0
Bud Nanney Theme0
Building Chryslers0
Cartoon Wisdom0
Cross by the Highway0
Dead Dog Memories0
Dohack Joe0
Done It All0
Early in the Morning0
Every Kinda Everything0
Farmer John0
Feeling Down0
Gas Girl0
Get Down, River0
Get on the Bus0
Give Me Room0
Got What I Wanted0
Gotta Get Up0
Gravity Fails0
Happy Anniversary0
Hard Times0
Headed for the Ditch0
Hey Moon0
I Don't Wanna Go Back0
I Quit0
I Wanna Come Home0
I.D. Blues0
I'll Be Comin' Around0
I've Been Dying0
Idiot's Revenge0
Kid Next Door0
Kit Kat Clock0
Let Me Know0
Lonely Cowboy0
Love Like a Truck0
Lucky Break0
Man of Constant Anxiety0
Manhattan Countryside0
Men and Women0
Middle Man0
Mom and Dad0
Mountain to Climb0
Nancy Sinatra0
Nothin' but a Driver0
One of You0
Open Your Eyes0
Perfect Far Away0
Pot Of Gold0
Pretty Little Angie0
Queen of the World0
Radar Gun0
Rich Man0
Rural Route1
Shame on Me0
Slip Away0
Slo Toms0
Smokin' 100's Alone0
Sometimes Found0
Stuck in a Rut0
Suffering Servant0
Sunday Sports0
Take Me to the Bank0
The Bar's on Fire0
The Last Time0
The Long Way0
The Very Last Time0
Things You Didn't Know0
This Is What It Sounds Like When You're Listening to Lindsey Buckingham and Thinking of Your Friend's Girlfriend at the Same Time0
Trailer Mama0
Truck Driving Man0
Turn for the Worse0
Waitin' on a Train0
Wave That Flag0
Way It Used to Be0
Welfare Music2
What More Can I Do?0
When I Was Dumb0
Where I'm From0
White Boy Blues0
Young Lovers in Town0