I found the picture of us in the yard
Some things are lost
And some things, I guess, get found

You had that shirt on - you loved The Cars
You always wore it; I never got that sound
You had that cat... just what was its name?
I can't remember; It's not important now
I never wonder where you are now
I just forgot it
Maybe I should write shit down

Was that the day I lost your keys
When we were stoned at the beach?
Maybe someday you'll let me know

There was a summer, dazed in the sun
Until September; It's not important now
When was your birthday? Pearl Harbor Day?
And I forgot it... next time I'll write it down

I hate nostalgia, it tries too hard
To remember only the easy parts
Now I wonder where you are now
I can't forget it now that I wrote it down

Was that the day my calls were screened?
(I saw the caller ID...)
Was that the day that I was seen
Kissing your friend on 3rd Street?
I never thought that I was mean
How could I have not seen?
Maybe someday I'll let you know

I never thought that I was mean
How could I have not seen?
That was the day, that was the scene
I just rewrote the ending
Maybe someday you'll let me know

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When Is Pearl Harbor Day? song meanings
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    General CommentSundays best rock! Keep goin guys!
    Zeroxglideon May 26, 2002   Link
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    General Commentfucking weird how I was listening to this song the day my ex broke up with me & his fucking birthday is pearl harbor day too. it was creepy
    truemoon August 24, 2002   Link
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    General Comment"I hate nostalgia. It tries too hard to remember only the easy parts."

    i think that's the basic idea behind the song, but this is just my second or third listen. either way, that part is brilliant. i hate nostalgia.
    Limblesson May 18, 2004   Link
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    General Commentyeah, to me it's about being reminded of someone, so it starts off this whole train of thought going back down memory lane... and with each new thing he remembers, he realizes how much he really never forgot about. by the end of the song, he realizes there is a lot he has chosen to remember differently than how it actually happened... and upon realizing this, i think he regrets the way things *really* played out, he wishes he could just forget, or go back to thinking things were the way he had "rewritten" them in his mind...but of course, once you've dwelled on that nostalgia long enough to remember how things REALLY happened, you can never go back to the idealized past you had in your mind before. reality bites.

    this song really makes me think of holding my hand to my forehead leaning against a wall with a headache brought on by memories I'd rather forget.
    delialon May 26, 2006   Link

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