You paint your body beautiful
All the colours of the sky
Blinded by bubblegum
I never asked you why
If this is heaven we'll be alright
If we're in hell it’s way past midnight

It's a mistake now Andromeda
It's much too late now Andromeda
Can't see through this cloud of euphoria
It's a mistake now Andromeda
Don't choke on the stardust baby

Trouble with the neighborhood
You could say I've lost my taste
Tattooed and genuine
No the real things not a waste

It's a mistake now Andromeda
Can't see past this cloud of euphoria
It's a mistake now Andromeda
Go choke on the stardust baby

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    General CommentThis is easily one of the most sweepingly beautiful, almost operatic pieces of music that sadly was too overlooked. If there was a modern day Queen epic rock ballad, this would be it.

    Anywho, I think the lyrics are inspired by someone personal to him. So a lot of it looks obtuse to us because we don't personally know who it's dedicated to. It definitely has a lot to do with people's inclination to instant gratification. The first verse talking about her love of tattoos, tattoos are something instant gratification. Bubblegum is likely a metaphor or euphemism for something else, possibly drugs or alcohol. All of these things(substance abuse, body modification, or even something as simply as an innocent sugar rush) have the common thread of vices that supply that instant fix and are highly addictive. The singer is sadly and ironically reflecting that the same body art that makes her so breathtakingly beautiful to him should have been a red flag to foreshadow all her issues and eventual breakdown.

    "If this is heaven we'll be alright
    If this is hell it’s way past midnight."
    One of my favorite lyrics EVER. Also alludes to her vices, how in the beginning phases it was perfect, it was so exhilarating and exciting. Heaven. Look later down the road, she's made some bad choices and is now in too deep to turn back or surrender. "In hell, it's way past midnight." It conveys perfectly his struggle of being by her side the whole way and sharing the ecstasy and subsequent suffering, and the tone seems very much like he wants to do more to help, but knows he can't pull her out all by himself, and almost conceding.

    "It's a mistake now Andromeda
    It's much too late for Andromeda
    Can't see through this cloud of euphoria
    It's a mistake now Andromeda
    Don't choke on the stardust baby"

    Reiterating the theme of regret but being too far gone or oblivious to the issue to resolve it now or achieve closure. The space allusions are a popular theme in songs about drug use. See a lot of Blind Melon, RHCP, I Mother Earth or Edwin songs, they like to do that too. Since a lot of illicit drugs, particularly heroin, hallucinogens, ecstasy, and speed, made you feel like you're either flying or floating in a different plane altogether. The overall mood seems almost mourning but as if he was too perceptive of the initial stages of her demise to be surprised enough to really feel for her. Almost angry even. But there's still a strong love there too keep him there and extend a hand out. It's the classic scenario of a troubled lover you want to 'save', but acquiescing you can't. So you have few choices, and none of them are really ideal from all sides. You can join them in their decay, you can untether yourself and leave them, or you can simply watch them plunge into darkness helplessly.
    Revidescent_84on June 06, 2013   Link
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    General Commenti really like this song, the lyrics are a bit too obscure to draw a central meaning, but i think its about seeing past the happy exterior (cloud of euphoria). how getting caught up in the happy image of something without seeing the truth is just the same as "ignorance is bliss"
    erinchanon September 17, 2002   Link

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