Crunk In The Trap Joey Cutless
Ima Quantico Prison bar spitter-I keep it locked like Pentagon Security nigga-you get dropped like every album on every release date-you get dropped like every album on every release date-you get dropped like all bombs-like all Napalm-soon as we drop bombs-the world cesspool my palm-it's either success or Forrestlawn-I'm the shit like masa-I'm always what's up like que pasa-i'm always in the house like casa-I'm always down for the pride like puro Rasa-I'm to full the opposite of empty-felonies I got plenty-come at you drunk as fuck like one two many-when you fuck with my men of many-I collect like the definition of interest-I put a tag on you call me Mr.Pinterest-that's how I collect shit like all banks savings accounts collecting interest-bulletholes exit wounds ballistics C.S.I Crime Scenes is what I spit-fuck you fags that pinch like Lobsters-licking on bones like Clifford the Red Dog monster slobsters-but no diss to the Blood homies becuzz we all Mobsters-B's and C's is the dresscode-that's how the West roll-united like the W fingers representing the Westcoast-call me Mr.Pentagon cuz I locked call me Mr.Alcatraz or Mr.Quantico cuz I keep it locked call me Mr.New Haven, Super Max, Mr.Marion cuz I keep it locked-always gambling like Las Vegases Marion on Death Row I play the boss-I get high all day like Smokey & Craig Friday is everyday eternally in the streets of L.A-where I play like kids in school playgrounds at recess and lunch breaks-I gotta be the Devil cuz I got the horniest head rom the hoes that break bread like Jesus said-they break loaves then I Jesus light glow-outshine every light show-my flow so hot never heard of Nitro-fuck a like whoa-my shit go like whizzo-we Killa Cali Master Gassers-busting and flowing like all orgasms-desacrate you like a elementary bathroom stall tag you up like Basm-like Robert Hill Lane-in the 2nd Grade-always saying Bloody Mary's name-I'm from M.P East Los-but I spall ball like my Zipcode-is 90210-Beverly Hills and Melrose-I got the best view like Hollywood Hills is my throne-call me the cities Chaperone-I'm watching everyone-all the bad hoes calling me like Tyrone-my flow-will leave your mind blown-I kill time loc-we clock killers with the Sci-Fi Flow-we Tic Toc Killers with A.B.I to the dome-Cloud -9 high & beyond-The Haters fade away like old grafiti-we never go away like the biggest stain on the Holy Grail we can't be defeated-I run the town-like Antonio V and Willie Brown-I keep it on lock like cons getting handcuffed by the L.A.P.D-I got all the handcuff keys-like Houdini-Ima escape artist call me Milton Bradley-I got every get out of jail jail card for free-I put Monopoly or the game on layaway-save it for a rainy day-this is for the Smoker's Section cuz I spit-the highest shit-cheap binocular seats upperdeck-I give God nosebleeds soon as I let it fly like Sputnik-Ima old school and new school player like Topp's to Pinaccle-Skybox flow the highest seat is my throne-that left God dethrone-& deaftone-and sent him to Hell like Lucifer the Fallen Angel-I kingdom come flow-bust like Godly nutts when I spit convo-so saucy I spit X.O-and Hypnotik-so clean like General's boots polished-I peel niggaz caps like Cumqwats-don't get comfortable with me like niggaz copping squats-I make it rain my jewels are magical gumdrops-soon as I do t that's where the haters fun stops-I get stupid money call it dumb guaps-you could fuck with every block but one block-Alpine Street the number 1 spot-we the best Original west where we learned to duck Red Rum shots-and murder one dodge-Excelero car slots-is what I sell like D.J's trying to fill up the mixtape slots-I get mines right like the I on the dot-we playing Dodgeball with gernades-made to explode in your face-put bitches knees to the floor and have them hoes saying yeah yeah like Usher ripping Chili getting that T.L.C-

Lyrics submitted by KRC-Roseland Ent-The Pac-Planet9

Crunk In The Trap Prod.By Joey Cutless song meanings
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