Remy: Oh my COG, Devo, are you watching Glee?
Devo: Uh no why?
Remy: They totally ripped off Jonathan Coulton.
Devo: They did?
Remy: They used his version of “Baby Got Back” without permission. They didn't pay him. They didn't credit him. They didn't even tell him they were going to do it.
Devo: That's kind of a dick move.
Remy: I know! It makes me so... mad!

It drives me
Nuts and I’ll tell you why
You’re pickin’ on the little guy
‘Cause when an indie musician I know and love
Just blatantly gets ripped off
I get pissed, he was basically hacked
‘Cause you know that that beat was jacked
Act like you just don’t care and
I’m mad and I can’t stop swearin’
Oh cock balls! I wanna meet the singer
And give him the finger
He sang it oh so blandly
And that shit you pulled makes me so angry
Oooh legal team fights
You say that you’re well within your rights
Well excuse me, excuse me
What you did was still rather douchy
You’re on a mission
To Hell with permission
Your dream, team
Got it goin’ like a Ponzi scheme
I’m tired of crappy shows
Pickin’ on the average joes
You ripped off his song, he’s not even named
You guys should be ashamed
So fellas! (Yeah!) Fellas! (Yeah!)
Do you think they stole the cut? (Hell yeah!)
Tell ‘em to shove it! (Shove it!) Shove it! (Shove it!)
Shove it up their butt
JoCo got jacked!
JoCo got jacked!
(scratch: “LA fakes with a JoCo rhythm.”)

I hear his songs
At cons, and when they come on
I just can’t help myself I sing ‘em like a junkie
I’m a code monkey
I wanna have a meeting
And (Raarggh!) eat your (Brains! Brains!)
PETA’s gonna be enraged
‘Cause half-monkey-ponies are all the rage
That’s why I’m so damn disappointed
No point in being subtle
Johnny C’s in trouble
So I’m offering a rebuttal
But I can’t even watch your show
‘Cause I canceled cable long ago
And when they cancel your show
I’ll keep listening to JoCo
A word to the Fox execs while you’re cashing your big checks
I don’t know what you planned next
But I gotta be straight when I say I wanna (*FART!*)
In your ugly face!
But you’ll do it anyway
A lot of fans won’t like this play
‘Cause you just knocked over a sound bank
And you think you got away
But his fans, yeah they mind
And they tend to be the vocal kind
So Reddit (Yeah!) Reddit (Yeah!)
Do you wanna take back his credit? (Yeah!)
Then spread the word, link it out
All the fanboys got to shout
JoCo got jacked!
JoCo got jacked!

(spoken: “Ya know, man? When it comes to TV Fox has very little to do with my selection. I’m still pissed at them for canceling Firefly.”)

So you’re playin’ songs by Brandy
Well that’s all fine and dandy
But you don’t have to pay royalties when you cover a cover
Well ain’t that handy?
All he wants is credit
For his work, jerks
You can hide behind your lawyers
But it still makes you a putz
Some yes-men are gonna play their role
And tell you that the song ain’t stole
You spin it, and weave it
But we ain’t dumb enough to believe it
So what? Your shows a hit
Well that don’t mean jack shit
‘Cause you still have to go through the proper methods
And you still need ethics
Aren’t you the ones always cryin’ piracy?
This looks like it to me
Gimme a break, ‘cause if I download it
Your lawyers would have exploded
You should fire whoever approved
‘Cause this really was a stupid move
You got money but you chose to steal it
And the internet’s quick to reveal it
So maybe if you hear a song
And you think you wanna put it on
Dial 1-900-EAT-A-DICK
And rip off someone else
JoCo got jacked!
JoCo got jacked!

(sample: “Middle finger up because you got no class.” 2x)

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    General CommentIt's about Glee's immoral decision to include Jonathan Coulton's cover of Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back" in one of their episodes without crediting him.
    JohnnyLurgon February 05, 2013   Link

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