"Female Robbery" as written by Jesse James Rutherford, Zachary Abels and Jeremy Freedman....
I think I found hell
I think I found something
I think I found something in my TV screen
I think I found out that I have nothing
That I have nothing in this place for me

I watched it all in my head, perfect sense
They'll take me from me my bed
Leave everything that is worth a single cent and just take me instead
That TV show
I saw as I feel asleep
Had me on both my knees
Praying to whatever is in heaven please send me a felon
And don't let the police know

Anything, anything
Don't tell them anything
Anything, please

Anything, anything
Don't tell them anything
Anything, please

I think I can tell
I think I can tell them
Tell them they were made for me
I'm thinking they'll know, know it already

I'm thinking they'll know just about everything
I bet they planned it all out
Like the shows
Went everywhere I go
Walked into the store right behind me
Stood in line right beside me and followed me to my home
I'm sure they figured it out early on
That I would never run
That they could shoot but that's not fun
'Cause then they're killing their stolen son

Anything, anything
Don't tell them anything
Anything, please

Anything, anything
Don't tell them anything
Anything, please

We're gonna die

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"Female Robbery" as written by Jesse Rutherford Jeremy Freedman

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    My OpinionAre we sure that he isn't saying "I think I found hell" at the beginning? I don't hear a p, and I think that it works in with the meaning of the song as a whole better.
    EozFroston December 16, 2012   Link
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    General Commentok, follow me, THIS SONG IS DEEP! the song is about a little BOY who WANTS to be kidnapped.

    The beginning of the video starts with a French girl talking. The subtitles on the video are WRONG!! As a matter of fact, they are the exact opposite of what she is saying. First, she is NOT talking/Praying to God, she is writing in her diary. She does NOT say "Dear God" as the subtitles say. She says: "Chere Journal" which translates "Dear Diary."

    What she says (also the words written in the diary in the video):
    "Dear Diary - Why me? I am not loved. i have never felt so sad. If only it was like in the movies, but it's not. I want someone to take me. soon, the single thing that is certain is that i will catch my death."

    I definitely think the opening line is: "I think I found help" - The kid is referring to those who she hopes will come get her.
    She talks about:
    "They'll take me from me my bed, Leave everything that is worth a single cent and just take me instead..." The kid wants to be taken from their current situation.

    But mostly, the kid wants to be "wanted" by her new parents.

    With this line:
    "That they could shoot but that's not fun, 'Cause then they're killing their stolen son."
    The kid is saying the "felons" won't kill (hurt) him because what they really want is a child of their own.

    At the end of the video, the "new mom" is "burying" the "stolen son's" past. The child is not going there "voluntarily." But in the end is happy since the closing line is not "we're gonna die;" the ending line is "I think I found love..." This signifies the kid accepting the "new parents" and a rejection of the old life...
    johnnycatton March 21, 2014   Link
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    My InterpretationHe's fallen in love and feels as if it's a female conspiracy to trap and toy with him.
    ksdipon January 17, 2013   Link
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    Song MeaningI don't think this is about a kidnapping at all. Instead I think he is talking about his thoughts on suicide and his fantasy of actually doing it. The first verse does say "I watched it all in my head, perfect sense.
    They'll take me from me my bed,
    Leave everything that is worth a single cent and just take me instead."
    I think that talks about him seeing how everything will play out and also that when you die, everything is left behind except for you because your soul is taken away. Everything that you have ever done or have is left behind on earth and only your soul is taken.The chorus where he sings don't tell them anything, means to me don't tell the police how he died because then everyone will know and he doesn't like the publicity of his life in general. That's what I get from this song.
    MelissaLeeon March 11, 2015   Link
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    My Interpretationsounds like it is about a kidnapping
    Bkizzleon February 17, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationI think it's about the oppression of difference. It's about someone's fear of being different and what that entails; abuse. Or it's about the extreme censorship some face (overly protective parents, totalitarian states)
    naps101on April 15, 2013   Link
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    General CommentI may be biased by the title, but when I read the lyrics I thought they were using the kidnapping idea as a metaphor for love or lust or something. Like he "found hell" and has "nothing" - maybe it's a metaphor for loneliness? Basically my first impression was that he was lonely and he hoped there would be a woman who knew a lot about him, maybe where he worked and where he went grocery shopping, and planned on like, kidnapping his heart? Like the love of his life was following him around and he wanted her to steal him away.

    But after reading the comments maybe it's about a child who didn't feel loved by his parents and wanted to be taken away so he'd have a new family? Cause the "killing their stolen son" and then "I think I found love" leads me to believe that
    crazyyhon April 23, 2013   Link
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    My Interpretation(when I dissect the first section, for me it makes sense to imagine the show he was watching was a romantic movie in which they threw caution to the wind, and went against the grain of "good society" or the norm, for love.) Also "hell" could work but I think it's "help" (also I picture from these lyrics and different hints, that he would be represented by a cliche wealthy, lonely businessman)
    First section about TV show - He realises, though he has material possession, how empty his life is "leave everything that is worth a single cent" "found out that I have nothing". Knows he needs love not possessions. And longs for it. For his life to be broken into and him taken captive / stolen. "...just take me instead" and "had me on my knees praying... for a felon" He feels trapped and wants to be saved from the boring, legalistic trap of a life he's living. (hense the police metaphor)

    and he doesn't want the uptight, rules and responsibilities side of him to catch up and bring him back to where he was before he found love.

    second section: Is about the planning of the felony (kidnapping or whatever you like to call it) Is about how he's realising he was made for this lifestyle.

    And that the felons (my opinion it could be girls who are not afraid of love and going after it) could tell and though he looked and acted a certain way, they weren't fooled by who was hiding underneath. That in reality, he was one of them, "killing their stolen son" but was stolen by the pressures and expectations thrown on him by those around him and the world. and so planned to kidnap him, to get him back so to speak.
    And so he doesn't want to police to know. (old life).
    Yardena87on April 24, 2013   Link
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    Song Meaning98% sure this song is a rape fantasy
    arijoeon February 13, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationI also think its about kidnapping.

    But, i think she is unhappy with her home life, with fighting abusive parents. I think she watches tv and dreams of being kidnapped and perhaps that will be a better life. I think she thinks if she stays at home she will die, and perhaps thats her vision at the end of the video, I think thats her mom taking her to kill her. =( I think she wants to be taken away from the abusive home, it will be just like the shows on tv, but she will be happier there. She imagines that the kidnappers do just like the tv shows and follow her to take her away.
    MrEdadon March 25, 2013   Link

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