La la la la la la la la la
you go to Brazil and you see a big hill
go forth and say hi
say hi to the hill
say hi
climb to the greatest point
and free your self
“N” Brazil
now we are free
now face the hill
soon you will see
face in the hill
now see the world through their eyes
and shout
you are
Save Brazil now before it all falls
go save yourself now before you all fall
along with Brazil it's now time to kill
now run down the hill before you get killed
kill them at will kill for the thrill
just for the chill
stare into the scarlet eyes of the god snake
and continue hopping you are still free
now stab it in the eyes and proclaim your freedom
then try to get away from thee
burn down the temples reclaim it's home
time no longer exists no place to go
falling into a hole the farther away you are
losing your soul
well I'm running through the forest and I'm breaking everything in sight
cuz nothing here is ever right
eating all the crocodiles
“N” killing all the alligators
no one likes the player haters
being killed by poisonous spiders
eaten by the pythons while
Jeff eats your socks of nylon
flying down the hill in a shopping cart
till I run out of breath!
I keep running even though I'm in a cart
tripping on corrosive drugs
such as acid on flower buds
flying over endless plains
hair covered sewer drains
so many colors............
far to bright..........
I'm fallen back...........
frozen in fright..........
I stare into the sky.........
as I begin to fade..........
as the god snake's venom..........
heads to my brain..........
NO! aaaaaaaaaahhhhh!
aaaaaahhhhhhhhh! NO!
To my surprise your still alive
you've fallen apart but you have not died
you think you're stuck but your still running
you lost your mind
you cant breath because your drowning
above the rivers and in the valley
through the undertow into between the gorge
into the cave where your blood red eyes turn black to the docks you continue as your eyes turn
white to green
onto a boat still running from which you came....
now wondering if your god snake was all to blame.....
or if it was you all along.......
it doesn't matter it is all done........
everything you ever did was wrong
it's not like the snake was gone
you thought you had gotten away
never found out till it was too late!
Too late
too late
too late
your too late
too late
too late
your too late
stare into the scarlet eyes of the monster that was once your god
and you pray to your self for you have no god to protect you now

you start screaming.........
I'm sorry........
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry
I'm sorry!
I'm sorry!!
I'm sorry!!!

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