I wish that I had two faces to prove which theory works,
Yelling on the street corner or cleverly masking your words,
I take my face off at the door 'cause I don't know who they will take me for,
I wonder if I tell them what I did last night,
Whether or not I got caught, they just might,
Wage war on you, therefore it's true,
That I shot my general on my side of enemy lines.

I'm the son of all I've done,(2x)
Impostor, been fostered, then my new father drained my dirty blood.(2x)

I'm not trying to be lying to you,
But it takes a clever guy to do what I do,
It takes some chivalry and well placed energy,
To subliminally get yourself inside you,
Introspection is the name of this session,
Spread this infection, reflect it on the next one,
The next one, the next one, and when we're done,
We'll all have made something new under the sun,
I'm not done, I'm not done yet, no,
Kick me off the stage and take my microphone,
Then you'll walk up to me and when you get close,
I'll look you in the face and say, "Where's your home?
Where are you going and why are you here?"
Have you asked these questions? Have you been sincere?
Want to know what I believe, it's right here,
Dig a little deeper and it's crystal clear.

I'm the son of all I've done(2x)
Impostor, been fostered, then my new father drained my dirty blood (2x)

I will tell you what I can,
But your mind will take a stand.
I sing of a greater love,
Let me know when you've had enough.

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    Song MeaningIt's a song about all his other songs. He's asking do you like my songs because of the beat? Or are you actually listening to the words and understanding what he's saying. You can't change peoples hearts and minds by sitting on the street corner spouting out your beliefs.

    Instead, he chose to write his feelings through song and attack peoples thoughts and preconceptions by cleverly phrasing his opinions and ideas through his music.
    fr0st2kon December 19, 2013   Link
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    Song MeaningIt seems he's trying to be clear about his faith and how it relates to his lyrics. He's trying to find the best way to open people to conversation and thoughts about God, redemption, and our purpose in life. In it all, he's trying to be clear about God's greater love.
    dmmcdon May 27, 2013   Link
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    General CommentI love the way this connects to Goner. Don't know if it was on purpose, but I oved making this connection.

    "I wish that I had two faces" / "I've got two faces"

    One of my favorite TOP songs. After reading these comments and learning the meaning I love it even more now, but I wanted to share the connection I made, too.
    rachel1114on May 28, 2016   Link
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    General CommentDoubt sounds alot like this song
    poppylove4on October 26, 2015   Link
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    General CommentI always thought it was "I'm the sum of all I've done" not the son
    maxyj24on June 20, 2016   Link
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    General CommentI agree. This song like many of their songs is about the inner spiritual battle we all deal with on a daily basis and also from our pasts. I believe this is a song about the phases of the journey to enlightenment.

    I think the "clarity" he is referring to here is within the lyrics "Impostor, been fostered, then my new father drained my dirty blood "

    Phase "Imposter" - referring to the initial struggle with being/becoming a Christian. There is a lot of tug-a-war between your old life and your new identity in your new Christian beliefs. "Two Faces."

    Phase "Been Fostered" - while exploring christianity, one can hear God being referred to as "father." As you journey more and more under God's wing, it is almost like you are an orphaned child being fostered by a new true parent (God).

    Phase "then my new father drained my dirty blood" - This is where I think the song title "Clear" derived from. Literally when you accept Jesus into your heart, you realize your new father sent his son to drain your dirty blood, in other words sacrificed himself and bled so we're forgiven and no longer have dirty blood. We are free. We are CLEAR.

    And that my friends indeed is a greater love.
    Amberyokoon October 14, 2016   Link

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