"Crash" as written by Chris Miller, Max Helyer, Josh Franceschi, Matt Barnes and Dan Flint....
Wait, where you say you've been?
Who you been with?
Where you say you're goin'?
Who you goin' with?

Keep me on my toes,
Keep me in the know.

Wait, keep me in your skin,
Keep me in your chest.
I'll wait for it to start,
I'll wait for it to end.

Keep me on my toes,
Keep me in the know.

But when I looked at her,
I thought of only you.
If only there was proof I could use to show it's true.

We were young,
We were in our teens.
It wasn't real love,
Spent behind bars.
Oh it's sad to think,
We just let it be.
Prisoners of love.

It's so easy for it to be,
Something second guessed.
Easy to read,
Don't let it become,
A meaningless routine.
It's meaningless to me.

But when I looked at her,
I thought of only you.
If only there was proof I could use to show it's true.

Just crash, fall down,
I'll wrap my arms around you now.
Just crash, it's our time now,
To make this work second time around.

We grew up,
We worked and changed our ways.
Just like wildfire,
Been burning now for days.
Tearing down those walls,
Nothing's in our way.
I said, nothing's in our way.

And I know,
I've said this all before,
But opposites attract.
We try and run away,
But end up running back.
And all I want to do,
All I want to do,
Is lie down and...

Crash, fall down.
I'll wrap my arms around you now.
Just crash, it's our time now,
To make this work, second time around.

Oh crash, fall down.
Just crash, fall down.
Just crash, fall down.
Just crash, fall down.

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"Crash" as written by Christopher Gentry John Hutchinson Dean

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    General CommentTo me, this song is about a couple who had been together when they were younger, but something happened along the way to make them thing twice about it, and they broke it off. As time went on, they gained new partners, but they never really got over each other fully, and now that they're in contact/close enough with each other, the protagonist wants to try again.

    The first part of the song makes me think of how the protagonist wanted to still be there for their partner, especially through the line 'Keep me on my toes, keep me in the know.' - He wants to know what's going on with her so he can continue to be there for her, as a friend or as a partner.

    'But when I looked at her, I thought of only you.' - He got himself a new partner, but he still cared for his last partner.

    'We were in our teens.' - Pretty self explanatory, it makes me think they were younger when they were together first.

    'We grew up, We worked and changed our ways.' - Now they're older, they're more able to be serious about the relationship, they've changed.

    'Just crash, fall down, I'll wrap my arms around you now. Just crash, it's our time now, to make this work second time around.' - This makes me think he wants his partner to just 'crash', to just throw themselves into the second chance and try not to think of how it could go wrong, because he feels it'll go well for them.

    Just my own thoughts.
    HutcherJayon July 20, 2015   Link
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    General CommentMy girlfriend and I keep discussing this song. Because I love it and she doesn't. She thinks its about him cheating (she only listened to the chorus) and him trying to convince her that all he saw was her when he cheated.
    I, however, think its about never letting go of that first love. When they were younger they didn't know it was real love but as they grew up and compared it to other, they realised it was. How all he saw was her in every girl he got with.
    But now they have a second chance with each other knowing what they now know about love, knowing they were in fact in love. Maybe to begin with he didn't trust her or was just insecure about the feelings he had when they were 'in their teens'.
    'We Try To Run Away, But End Up Coming Back' <<< My favourite line in the song. Maybe they have always felt drawn back to each other despite being opposites in personality? Never being able to let each other go, seeing this girl in everyone he sees or tries to love.

    Just a few ideas but i truly love this song so much.
    KingXNothingon November 09, 2011   Link
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    Song MeaningWow, can't believe I'm the first to comment. But anyway, I think this song is about how they were in love when they were teens, and how the girl did something to screw it up (cheating maybe).

    Wait, where you said you've been?
    Who you been with?
    Where you say you're goin'?
    Who you goin' with?

    - Maybe he's becoming aware of her leaving and going somewhere and he's questioning her about it.

    Keep me on my toes,
    Keep me on the know.

    - Maybe he wants to know where she is, who she's with and who she's been with. (becoming paranoid).

    But when I looked of her,
    I only thought of you,
    If only there was proof that I could show it's true.

    - They split up earlier because there was no love, now he's with another girl and when he sees her, he can only think of the girl he had earlier.

    We were young,
    We were in our teens,
    It wasn't real love,
    Spent behind bars,
    Oh it's sad to think,
    We just let it be,
    Prisoners of love.

    - He's saying they were too young to know what love was and they didn't have love. That their relationship was them being prisoners and held behind bars.

    ( I don't know, that was just my thoughts. Thanks for reading. :} )
    PlayingTheBlameGameon October 09, 2011   Link
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    General CommentIt's about just letting it be (as the song states) and about moving on...so you can truly enjoy the one you're with :D I GET it...
    ComeOnEileenon October 09, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI agree with PlayingTheBlameGame:) and the verse that goes "We grew up. We worked and changed our ways" i think is like a second chance for them, going back to what they had.
    Just like wildfire, been burning now for days <3
    its such an amazing song, its like having a second chance with your first love :)
    thatgirlisfierceon October 15, 2011   Link
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    General Commentcutest song >><< <3<3
    JustMeCaityLOLon October 31, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI think the very first stanza (?) is just a plain "we are going our seperate ways." Could be due to one of them cheating or maybe having to leave (for college or work) and the other questions who the other will be with when not with them type of issue. That's why he asks to keep him updated. Let him know what's going on and if there is someone else. He then talks about meeting someone else, but all he sees is her. Then he talks about being in their teens and how it wasn't too great of a relationship. Then a reminder that the girl he might've met just reminds him of her. I think by crash, I feel he is saying just let go and fall in love again with me. Crash is used almost dramatically because obviously crash usually means a strong impact between two opposing forces so he wants her to crash into whatever is holding her back and he'll be there to hold her after the impact because this is their second chance to make things right. Then states how time has passed, they've grown up and changed, but now nothing can stop them from being together.
    "And I know,
    I've said this all before,
    but opposites attract.
    We try and run away,
    but end up running back." So powerful in my opinion. He is basically saying I know I said we are meant for eachother but it is indeed true. That even though they've tried leaving it behind they come back to it. And then in come the Crash portion of the song. Basically I feel this is a song about true love. They met in their teens, it didn't work out so well due to whatever reasons, and now later on in life they are given a second chance and he is saying let's just do this and to not hesistate.
    BTW love the refrence to "Always Atrract" because I loved that song and it's cute he mentioned it. It's like paying tribute to their first album:]
    torizemogon November 12, 2011   Link
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    My InterpretationI believe that he is saying that when they were younger they dated but there was an issue on his part, and that he liked another girl but now realized that shes no good for him and that hes still in love with the first girl and wants to get back together and is explaining that she should "crash", fall for him with hesitance or worries because he is going to catch her this time rather than break her heart. because he knows that shes the one for him. it explains my situation (:
    calidoll4everon April 09, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationThis is the theme song for my love and I.

    This guy and I got extremely close. First partners in class then friends then best friends then lovers. Sadly, this was all when he had a girlfriend. Say what you want, I know it was wrong and I apologized to her in the end.

    When I heard of this song I instantly thought of our strange relationship. How he would always get jealous (in a cute way) and ask me who was I with and such, but i couldn't really ask the same questions back. It was like he knew I could go out and hang out with anyone I wanted to because we weren't dating.

    **That explains the first part of the song**

    When Josh sings "But when I looked at her I thought of only you.."

    This was something he'd say to me. The only reason he stayed with the other girl was because she was alone and he'd say how it wasn't out time to be together. To me he was all talk and no walk. I didn't want to believe him. He did everything he could to prove it to me.

    Next part. We WERE in our teens we were suppose to be living it up, ya know YOLO and shit, but we sadly met each other and fell in love. At first we didn't realize what we were getting into..

    The part where it says "We grew up..." We're getting there now, we;ve grown up we got a taste of life without each other..and it sucks.

    This is my favorite part, because he would say "I don't see why you like me, I;m the exact opposite of you.." But then again I swear up and down he's the male version of me...

    "And I know I've said this all before But opposites attract we try and run away but end up running back..."

    So sorry for rambling. IN A NUTSHELL this song reminds me of a love triangle.
    kreneehoodon July 09, 2012   Link
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    My Opinionclearly about him and his ex. they first got together when they were pretty young, then broke up for a while during the writing of HMD during which time Josh got with a couple of other girls. they then got back together (although they broke up again at the end of last year)

    so i think this song was/is josh's way of telling her that even when he was with other girls she was always the one he really loved and how he felt they could make it work the second time they tried.

    it's also a completley stunning song and amazingly moving to see performed live
    rach2512on September 15, 2012   Link

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