So many people out there
So how did I get stuck here, with you?
Where's my sword to slay?
Where are my rules to obey?
Show me...
Her hair was styled with fear, her teeth were like veneer
And she really has no reason, no reason at all, to be lonely
I don't wanna play anymore, thank you.
Not here, not now, maybe never again.
It's hard when it hurts and you have to say it doesn't.
You don't have to say it doesn't
And it sucks when you find someone but they don't find you.
Yeah, it sucks when you find someone but they don't find you.
Why wont this feeling go away?

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    My InterpretationOut of the girls out there why does he have to feel chemistry towards this girl who has no mutual feelings towards him.
    He is looking for some sort of rules, or guidelines to follow to get him out of this 'wanting' yet there are none. There are no rules in love.
    He then describes the girl and how she is lonely. She has no reason to be lonely because he cares for her. He is able to care for her and she just disregards it completely.
    He really wants to stop playing these foolish games with her where he has to prove his worthiness and try to catch her attention. He doesn't want to play them ever again.
    All of these feelings hurt so much and beg to be let out yet he has to put a mask on and pretend like nothing is wrong just to act normal. Yet inside he knows he is faking it, he knows he feelings depressed and terrible.
    Best line of the song- "Yeah, it sucks when you find someone but they don't find you." He found someone whom he truly cares for yet, she doesn't like him back. She doesn't have the same feelings. he knows it is not because she is a mean person, it is because it is. He wants to forget this feeling towards her, but it will never. Only time will take the feelings away
    barnaclegooseon December 05, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationLuke is talking about getting stuck with a girl that he likes but she does not like him back. He can't really express any feeling to her, which sucks even more. The feeling of liking her won't go away, even if he is somewhat rejected.
    Deekleon November 02, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis song is just too perfect to my current situation. I am writing a screenplay for this girl and I plan to make a film to show how much I do care for her and wish she had mutual feelings. Right now I'm in a pre-script treament form and on the first page after the Title I wrote down an excerot from this song:

    "...It sucks when you find someone but they don't find you. Why won't this feeling go AWAY."

    That Part speaks to me the most and I get kind of deoressed thinking about it.

    Thank you Luke Lalonde for showimg me that I am not alone in this compicated thing we call Love
    LonesomeMeon April 18, 2011   Link

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