And I'm frustrated with myself
But I can't change
I don't want to be me anymore
And all of the tics & tocs & clicks of clocks
That tell the time tell me this is just a phase

And everything every day
That's been scraping away
At the side of my brain
Can't come to form a thought, except...

And all the thoughts I think I've saved
Here for days that remain
Just keep eating away
And I still can't sleep, sing...

Why can't you tell me what I wanna hear
To help me get some rest
Oh my darling dear?

The songs of the birds
Don't bring me calmness no more
Oh no, no they don't sing

And none of the girls seem to think you're cool
It's probably because you smell bad

A skin disease won't get you
Nowhere these days
It's true, it's sad but true

And everything every day
That's been scraping away
At the side of my brain
Can't come to form a thought

And all of the thoughts I think I've saved
Here for days that remain
Just keep eating away
And I still can't sleep I sing...

We're going to make plans
We have plans to make plans
We're going to do it right
We've locked it in our sights
I'll la-dee-da & they can dum-dee-day
We'll tra-la-la all night and day we'll go far

And if I write enough
And think about it it'll happen
It's not as tough as mom said
As it so happens

Your analyst lied to you when
She told you the truth
About boys, fear, open sores
And things that are simple
Like opening doors

And all the thoughts I think I've saved here
For days that remain
Just eat eat eat away
And I still can't sleep, sing...

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Barnacle Goose Lyrics as written by Mitchell Derosier Luke Michael Charles Lalonde


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    My Interpretation
    This song (what I've interpreted it as...)is about the pressure of HAVING to grow up, instead of being able to do your own thing in your own time. For someone who wasn't able to go to college immediately after high school, they just take their time and work and do whatever makes them happy. But right around 21-22 there's a lot of pressure from everyone around you to finally "do something with your life", especially when everyone your age is already graduating. And you truly wake up frustrated with yourself that you're not something bigger than you really are. Which is where I think the narrator is at in his life. He's depressed that he hasn't made anything of himself yet, but he can't change-nor does he want to. And he probably is taking a lot of crap from others, about his goals. He's probably been told they are ridiculous- which depresses, frustrates, and confuses him-- yet he can't do anything about it. But towards the end of the song he becomes more optimistic about it, saying that if he keeps writing (songs?) and keeps dreaming of his goals (making music as a career)-- he believes he can achieve it.
    GameOnon December 14, 2009   Link
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    General Comment
    Whoa, those were words at the end? Best song on the album.
    Clap Your Handson April 01, 2008   Link
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    General Comment
    Awesome song...I never did understand what the singers was actually singing. Wow, cool song though. He sings faaasssstttt!!! And to think I thought "about boys, fear, open sores and things that are simple like opening doors" had 'gobbly goose' somewhere in it ha ha
    pluck_the_featherson August 24, 2008   Link
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    General Comment
    this is so my favorite song on the album. I abosulutely love it. The first verse touches such a chord, and I love the "we're gonna make plans to make plans" line. lol
    me88on April 17, 2009   Link
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    General Comment
    It is about the DIRT OF NOISE.when you open up yourself to eveything,you get no idea of anything.
    adamzon March 13, 2008   Link
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    General Comment
    I agree with Clap_Your_Hands... Its probably hands down the best on the album. Well maybe, cause a few could challenge it but still this song is so amazing.
    kayyislovelyon April 04, 2008   Link
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    General Comment
    I think that the narrator is mad because a girl doesn't like him. He begins to take it out on himself "Im frustrated with myself...". then he simply asks the girl why not "Why can't you tell me what I wanna hear". He can't get any sleep at night, he cant concentrate at because of this girl. He then forgets about her and decided to go on in life and "make plans" do other things. If he tries hard enough and believes in himself he can do anything. But in the end, he still cant do anything but he still does the same mistake "And I still can't sleep, sing... "
    thinkblue0138on October 24, 2008   Link
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    General Comment
    i know a guy with psoriasis who smells terrible this kinda reminds me of him.. well at least that part of the song the first verse can bring me close to tears
    alexandraqwertyon April 05, 2009   Link
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    General Comment
    Here's my take on this... First verse indicates adolescence. Everyone is confused as a teenager and he's fed up with being himself and wants to change things and grow up, yet he recognizes this as a phase. The chorus seems like that while there's this desire to change, too many things are going on to sort through and he's losing sleep because he's trying to sort out everything. Second verse is trickier, but I think it's along the lines of getting past something, perhaps a fear. perhaps getting into college? I dunno. Maybe I'm projecting.
    awkwardgyraffon April 17, 2009   Link
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    General Comment
    i like this song. everything brewing inside me is conveyed through this song. thanks, for explaining how i feel.
    ruffianangelinaon March 07, 2010   Link

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