All of you
Has shaped me into what I am
Carried out the bitter man
Did you have a master plan?
Oh, no

Somewhere I
Let all my defenses down
Never thought to turn around
And you did not make a sound

See it turning red
Like a bullet through the chest
Lay me down to rest
It's a lover's final breath

I found out
Nothin' comes without a cost
And life was just a game we lost
Did you have a better thought?

Now you're gone
And nothin's ever felt so wrong
A moment seems to last so long
Do you have a fear so strong?

See it turning red
Like a bullet through the chest
Lay me down to rest
It's a lover's final breath

Now I die
Kiss your tender lips goodbye
Pray to God who hears my cry

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Vesper's Goodbye song meanings
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    General CommentWell I figured this one out.
    Vesper is referring to Vesper from Casino Royale. They're big fans of James Bond.…
    The first line is about Vesper making Bond into who he is and being able to push him to carry out the bitter man. If you've watched the movie you'll see just what he becomes at the end of the movie.

    He let his defenses down, he didn't think to turn around.
    She left and was going to betray him. Well, he thought she was betraying him.

    See it turn red. (She has a red dress that shines bright in the water)
    Like bullet through the chest. People describe drowning as a bullet through the chest as a giant puncture to the chest.
    He takes her out and lays her down to rest. The lovers final breath part is when Bond tries to bring her back to life with CPR.

    The game of life they lost. Why? Well the killers blackmailed her to betray Bond. He asked if she has a better thought, kind of a rhetorical question to her spirit since she's dead. She's gone and Bond can't really shake it. It all seems so wrong.
    The moment she said she was sorry and took the key out felt so long to Bond. Her fear really of him led her to it.

    She dies, and he kisses her tend lips goodbye. If you notice, the CPR is also like a last kiss.

    He prays to God who hears his cry. He cried underwater for her but no one heard, except for God
    BrightEyesAtheiston February 07, 2010   Link
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    My OpinionI love this song. The one about james bond meaning is probably right, but I ALWAYS think of romeo and juliet when i hear this song!!
    kokokrispon March 18, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI have never see any of the Bond movies, so I found this extrememly interesting and it gave a whole second meaning of the song. :) Which of course, Nick always does with his writing! He is truly amazing!
    NickJFan17on July 28, 2010   Link

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