"Hot Like Fire (Aaliyah cover)" as written by and Missy Elliott Tim Mosley....
You're hotter than a summer's day in California
You got me melting like a sundae, I want you
I know you've been waiting, you've been waiting a long time for me.
If you wait a little while longer this is how we'll be.

(Oh, it's gonna be)
Hot like fire.
Take you higher.
You can't resist,
Kiss, kiss, and kiss and kiss and kiss and kiss...

You shouldn't have said 'take our time'
I'll let you know when I'm ready if that's alright
I won't keep you, I won't keep you, I won't keep you holding on
If you wait on me I promise you it won't be long.

(I'm gonna take you)
Hot like fire.
Take you higher.
You can't resist,
Kiss, kiss, and kiss and kiss and kiss and kiss...

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Hot Like Fire (Aaliyah cover) song meanings
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    My InterpretationI think this song is about taking your time to have sex for the first time with someone new, and saying how you're so attracted to one another but you just need to wait a little bit and it will all be worth it.
    thisisntjesson March 28, 2010   Link
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    General Commentis it me, or is this song moving circles around me, because the sounds are moving right to left to right to left... i like how the xx arranges their lyrics, pretty much all xx songs about levels and phases in a relationship. by breaking the stanzas into boy and girl sections, the listeners can interpret the song from both gender's perspective and in effect shed light into the overall situation occurring, so we can understand how the boy is feeling and how the girl is feeling. i agree with thisisntjess, very good intepretation, this song is about one who is inexperienced or not ready for sex with the other, and the other one who is ready. perspectives switch between each line, with the exception of lines 3 and 4 and the chorus, so that we cannot determine whether its the girl who is not ready or if its the boy who is not ready.
    alterEgoon June 16, 2010   Link
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    My OpinionI am really surprised no one has commented on this or any other of the Rough Trade tracks. I think they are the best, the contrast of the warm vocals against the bleak and distant melody is unreal and in my opinion captures the essence of what makes this band so great.

    Plus, covers suck but an any ode to aaliyah and early timberland is acceptable
    tricktrickyon November 28, 2009   Link

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