I know you hate the president
Don't ya? Don't ya?
He's such a stupid fucker,
He makes me laugh
Ha Ha!
Of course he's dumb,
that's why they picked him
so you'd have someone to blame instead of the system
And you never have to think too hard about who's pulling the strings.

And the police are there to protect
your streets, your streets
And you never wonder why they call it
Walking the beat.
They're not your friends they're not just workers
They're the government armed and they're just taking orders
So who you gonna call when the bad boys come for you?

'Cause they will if you express
Dissent, dissent.
And they will if you fail to pay
Your rent, your rent.
You can see it yourself
don't take it from me
They're only there
To protect property
No war no profits
Why do we need them here?

Judges, senators, DAs and
the like, the like
And all the business people scared of
tax hikes, tax hikes
They've got more power in the thread of their coats
Then you've got in your biannual votes
They keep this flaming ship afloat
And don't care if they knock someone off.

Da die da die da die da die
Da die, da die.
Da die da die da die da die
Da die! Da die!
Da die da die die da die da die
Da die die da die da die.
Da die die die die!
Da da da die da die.

Democracy is a good theory,
As good as any other
but try to put it in practice
and I think that you'll discover
It can't exist in a police state
Where all the power is consolidated
In the hands of a few men and tokens
Who don't give a shit for you.
And I tell you I think it'd be better
If it was just us
And you say if there were no leaders there'd be
no peace and no justice
But I'll say it again like I said it before
Anarchy's freedom and government's war
you say you want democracy
Well what do you want it for?

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