I didn't mean you

Spent my whole life telling everyone to leave me alone
Don't touch, don't look too close
But I didn't mean you

And now you've gone
Because you saw the forbidden sign above my head
And you didn't know,
I didn't mean you

You went to an open door,
instead of knocking harder at mine
I would have let you in
But you didn't know,
I didn't mean you

You didn't see that I cleared the path and left the walkway free
For I told myself that I'll only be tread on by you
But now I look with love upon someone
And no one else matters but him
But still, you fool,
You think I didn't mean you

Lyrics submitted by Annaconda

I Didn't Mean You (Poem) song meanings
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    General CommentThis is one of the most beautiful poems I've read/ heard. I think it's about a girl who liked someone who also liked her but she kept on pushing him away out of habit or something of the like. Eventually he decides to leave her and finds someone else even though she does love him. She's a little bitter perhaps at herself for pushing him away and at him for 'not trying hard enough' to win her affections.
    For some reason I think the poem is linked to Swallow.
    Probably the sad result of the song.
    either way, gorgeous (sp?)
    Scarling.Kittenon January 01, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis poem is about a girl who has crated this 'wall' around herself. She lets no-one in, she doesnt let anyone get 'near' her, except for this one guy. The guy doesnt realize that, but she lets no-one in, but she doesnt mean HIM. There's just this one guy, but he thinks she didnt mean him.. the first time she means 'i didnt mean to lock YOU out' and the last time she means 'YOU think i didnt mean to let you in'. Really poetic. Beautiful.
    Miejkon March 24, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI imagine
    she shared all her scorn for humanity with another
    how she liked to be alone
    how she loathed being approached

    and the other thought
    she was telling him/her through proxy and generalization
    that she was not interested
    so the other left

    such was a consequence of scorn
    Matt Holckon July 22, 2009   Link
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    General CommentShe has been raised to not let anyone in, she has built a wall around herself to stop people from seeing her for who she really is. It's always pushed people away and they've never come back and it doesn't really bother her.
    As she's pushed people away all her life, when she finds someone worth keeping, she doesn't know how to handle it and thinks that because they claim to love her, they'll always come back to her. So she does to them exactly what she's always done to everyone else: pushed them way.
    Yet they actually stayed away. Her plan backfired and she's regretting treating them the way she did because in her eyes they were worthy of keeping, she just wanted to give them a challenge. They never came back to her..
    teapotasylum16on December 22, 2010   Link

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