I work for you.
I am VERY good at my job.
My employers like me.
I work hard, they know I don't date.
They can ask me to stay late.
I don't have to call anyone.
I don't have to ask for permission.
It's like touring!
I can do it as much as i want, no one to ask.
I can play shows!
You'll ask me to play all shows!
Cause' I dont date.
You don't know what i date!
You dont know my political, sexual orientation.
I can do it all!
I am a success!
because of you
i will feed.
But people will think I am too busy to be friends.
Too good for them...
I am lonely at the top!
To keep the success
I must stay single
The feeling of lonliness grows and grows and grows!
The pit in my stomach grows and gorws!
I feel...
I feel!
I feel the pit by using junk.
I can afford it
I use up all my veins
til' the is one left
and it behind my neck
and i can't get it!
I will get a date to get the last vein.
Because of you,
I will get a date...

There's a ??? on the wall
Down below
Rocking chair
Got it all!
Somethings coursing
through my veins
not my blood.
It's a bacterial strain!
Her skin is turning yellow
Her eyes are milking over
Wild haired woman
Dirty needles up her sleeve
Wild rude woman
Bet you jock feeding boyfriends
forgetting babies
hepatitis disease!
Now she's gone
in her sleep
Now she's gone
in her sleep.
She was sweet

There's a ??? on the wall
down below
rocking chair
got it all!
Somethings coursing
through my veins
not my blood.
It's a bacterial strain...

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