Dorm Lyfe

mick mack:
yo. this songs going out to all those girls that are like, getting up to be that freshmen...movin away to college and stuff...girl...
i wanna come to your room, wanna sleep every night,
and i wanna have fun, not start a fight with you, cause im nice with you,
and i...just wanna get hype with you.
i wanna crawl in to your even floor bedroom,
wanna chill all night and i can deal with that headroom,
on your little twin-sized bed,
its just big enough for the two of us, yo, nuff said!
about that shit, i just wanna take you down,
to that, third floor, where my, roommate's a clown,
and he's a jinx,
he tells on me when i got girlfriends, man that stinks,
up above my bed, up in our dorm room,
doesn't even matter, i got the...heidi klume,
poster on my wall,
i bought it for $8.99 at the mall.

girl, what time is too late for you?
i dont wanna break your RA's baby curfew.
you know i dont care what i gotta do to get up into your room
i sleep in the closet with the zoom-zoom-vroom, little Hoover vacuum,
i see in the back, i want to get you right, i want to have an orgy with your roommate's snick-snack.
little lunchables in your fridge,
that your mamma bought you with a little baby spidge,
fish, popcorn, and pop-tarts.
you know i am a small fart.
ive got all kinds of acne on my back
but you know that aint matter, its just wack.
ohh. im outta breath. yo a little dormatory life left me all molested.

alix: gets busy.

drrty byl:
moved out of the dorm room after my first yeaaar!
wasnt too much fun; didnt have a sink,
i was on the brink,
of mental annihilation
charlie in the jockey all up in my station at six am,
i said yo, whats up dawg? why aint you my friend tonight?
gotta come by in the morning to pretend you have some kind of work to do because you need busywork.

you know thats right girl; it aint no thing,
you wanna get with me its gonna be bling bling.
doing anything you think you can,
niggas you know, i got a seven-day meal plan.
rockin it out, C-Tac style
gettin buck wild
on the mothafuckin mic. and you know we got a pile of dirty clothes,
hangin out so you better hold your nose.
hangin out you know this is the pimp route,
rockin it all night long,
see if you can rock...the mothafuckin emo songs,
girl you know, we rockin all night long.
emo, emo.

mick mack:
after i come into your room 12:30,
your RA doesnt even know i wanna get dirty.
we will lie down on your bed,
we wont even have to do anything i said.
we'll do what you want,
we will have fun; we will just flaunt
our hop-emo styles here for a whiles
we will do it any night, you know how i do, i got the styles
waitin...drop that beat,
yo girl! get outta the street,
and get up to your room; i'll meet you in thirty minutes, and i, dont know what to do.

drrty byl:
i know what to do, take off your clothes,
i said, i know what to do, dont hang with your bros anymore.
come to my dorm; smoke some pot with me
ooh, blunts, in my dorm room girl
get into my world.

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