mick mack:
peep game - to inform a person on what is happening; to check it out.
lemme tell you something.

uh, sire, w-we have a very dire important message fr-from the king...its along the lines of 'thy peepeth thy game?'

thy peepeth thy game,
when you get your fame,
when you get in your volkswagen ride,
when you get the girl inside,
in the passenger seat,
you know, get all night,
you peep her panties off.
you peep her little...skinny shinny-shanties off,
you know the girl is the one,
you want to get in the back seat, unh.

drrty byl:
Peep game; comin to my town, comin to my fuckin hood,
comin to my town know youre up to no good,
drrty byl on the side of the street walkin down,
said girl, "why the little frown?"
why you so mad at me tonight,
said girl, "come over here, dont cry."
peep game.

mick mack:

peep game, let me break it down for you. its a universal term,
i use it to release my words when im with the girls,
a little emo ho like, "oh, didnt you know?"
we gettin down, i say "yo, peep game."
she's like "yo, thats your claim to fame!"
sayin it every day,
sayin to peoples so they know why you play!
the peep game style.
im like, yo, peep this, peep that,
eat this, eat that, dont even get wack,
with mick mack, but i'll break it down to the peepeth game style,
and i'll do it from here to ohio!

drrty byl: PEEP GAME!

mick mack: lemme tell ya peep game!

oh yeah, oh yeah thats right.
i dont understand how these motherfuckers can sleep,
when outside their door theres so much game to peep!
rockin all down til we countin them sheep,
cause outside your door, theres game to peep.
i want you to step outside in yo hood;
i want you to step outside; find some wood.
burn it in a pile,
stick it on the mile
burns you in the lungs of your neighborhood,
bow down!

all: PEEP GAME (peep game!)
PEEP GAME (peep game!)

mick mack:
now, now,
i gotta peep game once more.
for you.
i gotta peep game for my crew.
SB peeps so much game,
thats all good cause its our emo claim to fame. (emo claim to fame)
we peep this, we peep that,
WE RAP! over peep game tracks.
we found this; we had to let the world know what peepin's about
and we had to shout:

all: PEEP GAME!(peep game!)x6

mick mack:
peep game, on alix MC,
she is not wack if you know what i mean.
she's got the voice,
and its sooo choice.

alix: gets down.

b-money in the place to be!
where theres game to peep for me,
ready to peep, 1, 2, 3,
rockin out on the mic like a honeybee.

(Peep game outros)

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