Lyric discussion by qmfd 

To me, the beginning of the song before the chorus, is just imagery. well-worded imagery. it just reminds me of the kinda 'living in the moment' moments that Walt Whitman told of. But instead of the connections and awareness in nature that he described, I think this song is describing those feeling with a person. What I mean is, how a person's eyes can be opened up to everything beautiful when they are so in love.
As for the rest... Carry you is just promising a person for security. Wanting to be with them every step of the way.

The drunk with the cool glazed eyes, to me, is just what it sounds like. You know those old, drunk, small-town men you run into that give you random advice? That's what that sorta seems like to me. More connections with people.

A whole world is painted with this song. A small town, walking through the woods with a person you love. Stopping at a bridge and watching the beauty of that person blending with the rest.

Love. That's all it is.

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