Lyric discussion by Spiralout 

for me this song is about keeping faith, that you are on the right track and one day youll reach to the point of parabol/parabola. its about a special moment when u r as down as ever, but you have felt like this a million times before, and u are tired of still giving blood, givng your everything and getting nothing in return. and u remind yourself that u may allways walk away wich means killing yourself. you'll allways have that option and its the one thing you have, the only thing. and cuz the rewards are so tempting (parabol/parabola) then u remind yourself that you have got to be patient, you have to wait it out.

i kinda agree with this, i also think that this song can be percieved as being religious.

after reading your post and listening to this song a million times i can say my life changed as aenima the song did and 46 and 2, i had to create an account and reply to this saying thank you for making me understand this song, now when im down im going to be pateint and it will work out

Ok, I know what this song is about n it's awesome. But I found a way to relate it to my relationship with my "ex". We know we'll get married someday. We're young, so we're just being friends. It's tough but I know that if I wait it out there will be love and happiness. Just thought I'd throw it in there. "waiting" by 311 is straight forward where this song (for me) is deep. But the song obviously means more to me in it's original context which i believe is avoiding suicide and sticking to life for a greater...

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