Lyric discussion by xanax120 

i get the feeling everyone is missing the absolute simple meaning .. its about life - the ordiniary, mundane, everyday life and the moment you realize its just that - ordinary and mundane. He even offers the perspective from his own fame and fortune point of view - its just as mundane on stage as it is in real life . This song even offers quite a profound solution - "take the long way home" akin to "stop and smell the roses". instead of cruising thru life on the freeway - in a hurry to get home - get off and take the road less traveled - look at the simple pleasures all around us - take the time stop and sloww down and reflect on things that really matter ... then go back to the everyday !

When you look through the years and see what you could have been Oh, what you might have been If you'd had more time - oh it has to be for you to grow ...

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