Lyric discussion by SethBalestrier 

This honestly feels like a love song to me.

It feels like he’s fallen back in love with someone who hurt him. Love is the sensation washing over him pulling him right back in.

“Tear a hole so I can see my devastation”. He wants to look back into his past to see what went wrong the first time he walked this path. But he doesn’t remember because it was so long ago.

He continues to hold on to this love he is given, to let everyone know he is loved. Even if deep down he knows it is toxic and bad for him.

“Blind your eyes to what you see, you can’t embrace it”. He ignores the red flags of negativity, and knows if he embraces them he will destroy the love he has found again.

“Cut your pride and watch it bleed, you can’t deny it. Pain you know you can’t ignore, I don’t remember”.

Ignoring the past and the red flags does bruise his ego, and he can’t fully ignore it…He can’t ignore, but he can forget about it.

But if he can remember to be single and walk alone…he won’t be conquered by this love and ultimate heart break again.

That’s my interpretation. I think it does work if the love is about a habit or a thing as well. Basically falling back into a pattern of ignoring the bad that comes with the good. You love it but know it’s not good for you, and if you can walk alone without it and remember where the road leads, you can get back to being yourself.

Could be addiction, drinking, or any indulgent behavior. But I picture toxic relationship especially because of the “walk alone” line. But I suppose it could be without “it” instead of without “them”

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