Lyric discussion by Yallqueda 

The song is about a guy and girl in a relationship that includes group sex/sharing.

The guy is conflicted, but keeps going back to it. Each time he sees his girl with other guys during an orgy or whatever, he kind of likes it but is jealous at the same time.

It’s the same theme as Hendrix - Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire.

Read the lyrics that way and it all makes sense.

Jealous again, thought it time I let you in. He’s telling her how he feels conflicted

Stop, understand me, I ain’t afraid of losing face/faith. He’s telling her he doesn’t feel less manly from it/still loves and trusts her.

“Smell the gasoline burning, boys out feeling nervous and cold” The other guys in this deal are firing up the pipe to get everyone high and get the party started.

@Yallqueda That is as good an interpretation as any I've heard. ....and you're right, If I read it that way, it all comes into focus. Thanx. -WBP

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