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This song, the title, lyrics and melody trigger profound meaning and guidance.

The song "Apocalypse" symbolises the intense and transformative nature of a relationship between two individuals who share a deep telepathic bond from childhood that transcends physical distance and time, serving as a catalyst for their personal growth and self-discovery. "Apocalypse" hints at the idea of personal revelation or awakening, a profound upheaval in their lives, as they are swept away by the intensity of their connection, highlighting the transformative power of deep connections, and the intertwined nature of love and self-discovery.

Their connection is characterised by intense love, obsession, and addiction, as they find solace and vitality in each other presence. The phrase "you got the music in you" suggests that the person possesses a special quality of essence that brings out joy, inspiration and vitality to their life, akin to music. The follow-up question, "tell me why" indicates a desire for a deeper understanding of this inherent quality. It is as if the person is seeking confirmation of explanation from the other person, wanting to understand what makes them so special and why they have such a profound impact on their life.

These lyrics could be seen as a tender acknowledgement of the person's unique essence and a reflection of the deep connection and admiration between the two individuals. But the intense love and obsession they feel for each other ultimately act as a mirror, reflecting back to them, their own essence and innermost desires and serve as a catalyst for self-discovery and growth. They are seeing aspects of themselves mirrored back to them through the other person. The qualities they admire or desire in their person's behaviours and traits, reveal aspects of themselves that resonate with their core that they may have not been fully aware of or have been avoiding. The connection mirrors hidden qualities within themselves and is there to serve as a trigger and destruction of all the fears, limitations, roles and masks they wear that prevent them from being their true authentic self.

However, their addiction to each other blinds them to this deeper truth, as they become consumed by the fulfilment of the other person. There is a sense of longing and unfulfilled desire for physical closeness, as they yearn to merge their souls in a tangible way. They struggle to let go of the connection, to say goodbye energetically, even when it becomes clear that the fantasy of their connection is haunting and depleting them, making them alone and holding them back from fully embracing their authentic self and life in the present moment.

The melody is melancholic and sad like their whole life has been depleted from joy, inspiration and vitality by holding on to this connection and living in this fantasy. The melody in the song serves as a reminder of the importance of recognising when a connection has served its purpose and acknowledging the lessons it has taught us. While the love and intensity of the relationship may have been profound. It is important to release attachments and move forward on our own path towards self-discovery and personal fulfilment.

The ultimate purpose of the connection was to bring out the music within each other, the joy, vitality, and inspiration that had been dormant. The connection was there to transform and uncover the music that was hidden within YOU all along.

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