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This song was part of the 4.13 Dream recording sessions. When that album was cut down from a double album to a single album this was one of the songs kept back for a companion album to be entitled 4.14 Scream, which was to contain some of the darker songs of the period such as A Boy I Never Knew, It Can Never Be the Same and Please Come Home. The Cure didn't manage to complete the album in 2008 and then in 2009 there was tension within the band because guitarist Porl Thompson was in the process of divorcing the sister of Cure frontman, Robert Smith. Thompson's last performance with the band came on 19 April 2009. Smith put the band on hold and turned his attention to supporting his sister. The Cure became active again in 2011 with the Reflections Tour which celebrated the first 3 Cure albums. In 2012 Reeves Gabrels was recruited as Thompson's replacement. Smith did toy with the idea of releasing 4.14 Scream in 2014 but expressed discomfort at the idea of promoting an album created with a previous line-up. In 2018, Simon Gallup revealed that the album was being worked on once again with Gabrels adding some additional guitar parts. Nothing more has been heard of the project and it remains unreleased. Two songs, Step Into the Light and It Can Never Be the Same began to be played in live shows from 2016 onwards.

There's no great mystery about the meaning of Step Into the Light. Smith is well-known as an atheist and in the song he imagines or narrates a conversation with a religious person, with his interlocutor trying to assert God as an absolute truth and Smith responding that it is just a question of belief rather than fact.

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