Lyric discussion by kiue100676 

My favorite lyrics from the song (gives me chills, amazing):\n\n"I was unconscious, half asleep\nThe water is warm \'til you discover how deep\nI wasn\'t jumping, for me it was a fall\nIt\'s a long way down, to nothing at all"\n\nInterpretation:\nThe fact that suicide very likely leads to "nothing at all". He was depressed but didn\'t jump.... it was a fall instead that wasn\'t final... and realized jumping is a long way down to nothing there (something like that!)\nHe was going through life on autopilot with warm water that suddenly became deep and cold unexpectedly --- it shocks you and takes you off guard... (but must decide it\'s okay to fall (and get back up again) rather than jump)\n\nI also love the last two lines like most people:\n"It\'s just a moment\nThis time will pass"\n\n (Sadness is a moment... or depression as a LONG moment... but ultimately it is finite and will pass... have the faith.... suicide if final and irreversible ... It\'s a permanent solution to a temporary problem.\n\nGod bless everyone. "In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart" - Anne Frank :)

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