Lyric discussion by Interpret20 

‘Along Came Mary’ is a cute song about how someone descriptively describes a person who caught their eyes. Someone they love or find great amount of interest in, like these verses ‘Hair of gold and lips like cherries….’ ‘Was amazed when she stole my thunder’ ‘Filled my world with ways of wonder…’ \n The person is talking to their love interest in which they want them to follow them into their journey of life, far beyond their imagination, away from reality. ‘Come away, come away with me’ ‘Far away where the eyes can’t see’ ‘Come away to another time….’ Then this line verse ‘Pardon me if you lose your mind…’ He’s just saying that, forgive me if time passes and we get caught up in our lives.\n“Who are you now?’ ‘ Who makes the rules?’ ‘Follow your heart and get back…’ He’s talking about life here, reality. Who are we to live in this world filled with rules, just follow what your heart desires more and come back.

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