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What a great revelation for the character in the song, or the RHCP. They did their street performances only to find out who their real target audience is.

When we look at how the painted scene progresses, we can say it goes like this:

GOAL: Street Performance to get noticed as a band. UNEXPECTED EVENT: Older man doesn't like it, but the younger generations seem to dig their stuff. CROSSROAD/DILEMMA: Play for the younger ones and embrace the fact that their target audience is not the one they thought it to be OR change their music to appeal to the more grown-up population? DECISION: Embrace the fact that they have baby appeal. RESOLUTION: Their fan base has already grown to 5.000 younger people.

I like the performance element in this story that mirrors the band's experience as they started. And I love the message of the song: You gotta stay true to yourself and release your gift for the people who like it without worrying about what other people think or want.

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