Lyric discussion by Waymore0005 

I think the guys got the meaning wrong, but anyway here's MY interpretation of this late JJ Cale classic:

After midnight, we're gonna let it all hang out - basically he is saying here that he lives his life very easy, he takes one step at the time, no rushing at all... Just hanging out, a little goes a long way. You know, like a minimalistic approach, gypsy life style, and lots of laid-back chilling in a trailer camp with a guitar or a banjo.

We're gonna chug-a-lug and shout - with this one I agree, it's about alcohol, but I think it's rather about either whiskey or fine red wine.

Gonna shake your tambourine - we are going to play our instruments, be it guitars, percussion, drums, banjos, ukuleles, bass guitars, violins or whatever - we are all gonna jam together.

After midnight it's gonna be peaches and cream - "Peaches and cream (also known as peaches'n cream) is a simple dessert consisting of sliced peaches and whipped cream, popular in the United States (especially the South) and other countries, and traditionally served in the summer." - taken from So, basically he is using this dessert as a metaphor for having a good time, as sweet as this dessert, or possibly they will also enjoy eating by some nice food trucks while jamming in this trailer camp.

We're gonna cause talk and suspicion - people always are full of envy when someone is enjoying himself freely, making a lot with so little, so there sure are gonna be people who will be talking behind their back.

Give an exhibition - they are gonna show that they don't need silver, gold, and a big mansion to have fun - again, simple gypsy life style in the woods, and, thus, no real responabilities.

Find out what it is all about - their gypsy life style is full of random events, you never know what the next day will bring... Like, will it rain and maybe they will have to move to another camp? It's all different when living on the road than living in a house, but this is the way they chose to live.

Hope you like my few cents.

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