Lyric discussion by SavedByGrace89 

This song is about satan's fall from heaven. The bible talks about how it was satan's pride that got him cast down to roam the earth forever. It says he was stripped of all but pride, literally that's what happened. He was God's most powerful angel he was a cherub. Only God was higher. When it says "the earth is my throne" that's because God rules heaven, he gave satan the earth to rule. When it says "my ties are severed clean, the less i have the more I gain" it's talking about his ties to God and heaven and righteousness. Now the less he has tied to God the more he gains here on earth, again his pride and selfishness coming to light.

@SavedByGrace89 I had a similar interpretation. Nice to know someone else had a similar takeaway


I am also a christian This song is great, lots of energy, lots of reality in their lyrics, grit, Metallica could be singing about touring, it could be about Death, it could be about a few things and means diff things to each person but this song is more about being free from the worlds system, ties to this worlds system, the rat race

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