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I think the song is from the perspective of a fan who's in love with their star.

'If I could tear you from the ceiling' refers to a poster or a higher place that the other person is standing on.

They know they don't have anything materialistic to offer that might attract them, so they want to show them how much they love them by making their life meaningful through loving them.

'And find a place we both could hide' might refer to having that 'star' only for themselves. They want to possess that person so that no one else can take him/her from them.

After all, they know the ' best have tried', and there's competition.

So they want to have that one moment in time that lasts forever when the person they're in love with can't escape them anymore and they become the only thing in their star's life: 'Your eyes forever glued to mine'.

Ironically, the listener knows that the protagonist is already blind.

They are too naive to accept that they can't be the savior of their star no matter how much they highlight: 'I know you're broken'.

They won't be able to fix them.

At least not in the way they want to.

Maybe it would help to take their loved one out of their routine with all the superficial materialistic things and to give them a new sense of meaning.

It's kind of noble IF the protagonist would do it only out of love for the other person without personal gain.

But the hint of the obsessive tendencies with 'Your eyes forever glued to mine' is just too strong.

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