Lyric discussion by HahnFurst 

On one level A woman who get's by by servicing random truckers at truck stops (A slow, easy mark) finally finds herself in big trouble (ran out of gas Down the road a piece Then the battery went dead And now the cable won't reach) And she's coming to grips with the fact that she's tired and running out of moves and options and if she doesn't find the right "Man with the Star" at this Truck Stop (who can't fix all her problems) then she's a goner.

Meanwhile, the Trucker that she's hoping will be her savior, is dealing with the loss of what felt like a good relationship (with the block-busted blonde) Now he's left with the decision to try to replace her with this scared gal with disconnected plugs.

I also like the sound effect she does of the cars zooming by.

Excellent summary. In short, I think it is a mutual reluctance. But I choose to think the fuel which allows them to finally just ‘turn it over & go’ is their last shred of hope (or even desperation or resignation) and will be enough for a stretch of easy driving.

@HahnFurst perfect understanding of this song in my mind at least it’s the fear of anyone still single in later life,lost their spark a little and realise that you’re not quite at your best anymore and this is obvious in your body and mind,you still have enough gas to give it a blast out of that last petrol station so give it a go,try not to be scared…yet

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