Lyric discussion by woertell 

The first verse is the abusee’s fear that they were somehow responsible for their abuse, that they could have, or should have fought or fought harder. “The search…for truth,” to know which is true and doubting which is. The refrain, “Can you hear me…?” keeps asking the world if they finally believe.

The second verse is the abusee’s fear that they may accidently say what happened to them and forget to lie, and asks if they are loved by those who should have prevented the abuse.

The third verse, often mistaken for a chorus, speaks to the real inability to understand what the victim of child abuse experienced and to dismiss that experience as exaggerated or overblown.

This fourth verse addresses peoples’ inability to believe that the abuse a child suffered actually happened or that it was blown out or proportion, “Uncle Bob really didn’t mean to put his finger there,” “The spankings you got weren’t really that bad; we all got them.” The third line asks if they’re finally believed.

The fifth verse, again, often mistaken as the chorus of the third verse, repeats the third verse except referring to a girl.

The last verse asks the abuser if they are now afraid of the abused now that the world knows who and what they are.

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