Lyric discussion by janelsenor 

I agree with the poster who feels it's about an introverted guy who meets a girl, but with a different spin:

It's the character from the first song, who feels like everyone in life has betrayed him (everyone's "unforgiven"). He starts a relationship with a woman and he wonders if she may finally be different from everyone else he feels has labeled and betrayed him. The song is largely about him contemplating whether to totally open himself up to her ("behind the door should I open it for you?"), or will she just betray him like everyone else ("or are you unforgiven too?").

In the end, for whatever reason, he decides she's the same as everyone else ("because you're unforgiven too."). He kills her ("she loves me not, she loves me still, but she'll never love again") and resumes his life feeling betrayed by everyone.

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