Lyric discussion by AngeloKS 

Reading this lyric reminded me immediatly of the story of the Garden of Eden in Genesis chapter 2 & 3. Now, as is stated above, mr. Bargeld overheard someone talking in a museum and took that as the start for this song. But i cannot help but see references to the Genesis story. "You will find me by the banks of all four rivers": Genesis ch2 verse 10. The river that flows trough the Garden Eden splits into four rivers (Tigris and Eufrate among others). The apple is often used to depict the "fruit" Adam and Eve were not supposed to eat in chapter 3. The story in chapter 3 is also often called "the fall" and the main character is waiting for (spring, summer and) the fall, he's also waiting for the apples to fall. The main character can aslo be found by "the spring of consciousness". This is not an element from the genesis story, but the "forbidden fruit" (apple) comes from the "tree of knowledge of good and evil". Eating of this fruit gives you insight into good and evil, which can be understood as a "spring of consciousness"... but maybe it is referring to something else. Many artists took inspiration from biblical stories. this is not to say that this is a religious song. The story from Genesis is just a good narrative and the conversation overheard in the museum gave a great start to reinterprete the "story of the Fall", and make it into a more personal story, like Hirnlego understands it to be a story of a lost love... Well, that's just how I see it. Wether I'm right or not, we still all agree it's a great song! And i'm looking forward to hearing it live next Saturday!

@AngeloKS I think you are right! The symbolic religious hints are unmistakable: the perfect garden, the entrance of evil, the Fall, the weight of conscientiousness and loss. And, the music in the second half is borrowed directly from Arvo Part's 'Cantus in Memory of Benjamin Britten'. This particular musical work is all about loss and death. Part wrote it, duh haha, in memory of composer Benjamin Britten, whose music he greatly appreciated.

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