Lyric discussion by Mopsy 

In my thoughts, I feel like this song is about the "Armenian Genocide" and how it is still not known to a lot of people. As System of a Down are Armenian Genocide activists (Serj Especially), and also the fact that I, myself, had never heard of the Armenian Genocide before I listened to System of a Down, It wouldn't surprise me that this is at least something to do with the genocide. Hence, "Ask your people what is right", asking the civilians of Ottoman is what they're doing is right, but before these lyrics, it reads, "Show your people how we died", show the people of Ottoman HOW they (They, being the Armenians) died, then ask them if this is right.


My second interpretation, is that they are talking to the people of the future, as the world is becoming overpopulated, hence "We don't need to multiply", I won't go into detail, as there are numerous other comments talking about this point.

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