Lyric discussion by Act 20 

Guys this is soooo much more than a song about unrequited love. The girl in this song has a mood/personality disorder. Maybe borderline or histrionic. Due to neglect or abuse as a child by someone she loved (the angels who won't return), she is unable to understand love the way most of us do. She desperately wants help (waiting for someone to put her together) but expects rejection (waiting for someone to push her away). She is unable to recognize what is good for her (never could get it unless your were fed it, chorus) and so she unwitting sabotages all good relationships (another wound to discover, something more you wish he'd say, chorus). It's more than loving someone who doesn't love you back, it's the frustration of loving someone who CAN'T love you back. Not in the same way.

My Interpretation
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