Lyric discussion by angiee 

Personally to me, this song is about suicide. "You fooled me from the start When you let me start to love you" As in he started to love life but he then realized that life isn't as beautiful as he thought it would be.

"And I, I thought it'd be easy to run But my legs are broken." The thought that he could escape the bad things in life, but then realized its kinda impossible to escape it.

"All alone All we know Is haunting me Making it harder to breathe, harder to breathe" Life is getting harder and all the problems are getting worst and worst that he feels no escape.

"Oh I'm leaving tonight x 5 I'll be gone in the morning" I mean this is kinda obvious but he says that this is it. tonight he suicides and by tomorrow he'll be gone.

" I saw it from afar But my eyes have always fooled me" He saw that his problems wouldn't get better but his thoughts told him the other, that it will get better.

"It looked to me like all the sidewalks started walking" No matter how many problems he overcame, it would just keep going and going.

"I swear to god the voices wouldn't shut up" Al the things he's going through are starting to torment him and he can't find peace

"And I, I figured it all to be love But this isn't lovely" He thought that everything he's going through is something that will bring good to him but he realized it wont bring anything good at the end.


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