Lyric discussion by CidDithers 

I believe it is about mankind reconnecting with his spiritual side, which has been lost through technology. He turns of the "TV", then confronts all the demons that have led us down false empty paths. The GESM is advertising, and the pursuit of money. The path of trying to be something we are not. Over time we lost our humanity, became self centered, and forgot how to love. Of course the song is full of Christian references, but that is our culture, what we identify with. Anyway, after fighting the internal struggle, kicking our addiction to greedy self-indulgent lives, we reconnect with the spiritual. We learn to love again. We rediscover happiness. We are reborn. Or is it simply some dude coming home after a long day, spends a little time with his Wife, has supper, then falls asleep and dreams? No matter how you slice it, a true work of art.

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